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  1. I'm sure that the rivet counters and purists will be looking at the WIP with sheer horror, but it is at least reprsentative and far better than nothing at all Without removing the kit's fuse box, there is no room for the voltage regulator where Vincent has located his, so I'll just leave it off (shock horror ) and hope no one notices! I used .010 lead wire for the piping and sprayed it using Alclad II copper paint. The other parts were scrathed from styrene using Vincent's build as reference. Gary
  2. Thanks Vincent. Done that rod already ( brass tube) but trying to figure out where the regulator was moved to...? Gary
  3. Vincent. I've been taught that imitation is the highest form of flattery. So, with that in mind, I hope you don't mind me copying some of your detailing upgrades. Won't be as accurate as yours, but given that mine isn't very accurate anyway, I can only improve things. Plan on adding more as things progress but mindful that some things can't be changed at this stage... Gary
  4. Hi Vincent A case of be careful what you wish for I think Excellent work indeed I think I'll be content with ending up with a Spitfire which looks half as good as that - think I'll not bother too much about accuracy after seeing those pics Certainly as I've progressed to far to make those sort of changes.... Did manage to get a fair bit of the cockpit done today, though a few things to finalise prior to any pics. However, I did get the seat done/ Painted with acrylics and enamel washes... Gary
  5. Okay, as promised, progress pics. As well all probably know and agree, Barracuda stuff is awesome and really adds some fantastic detail to the 'office'. I've also added some extra wiring using various gauges to further enhance the look... Jumping forward a bit, I applied bare metal to the fuselage inner face followed by Tamiya XF71. I then started to paint detals and add parts as I went along. Decals are from Barracuda. I added some weathering by first using the good ol' sponge technique for the chipped/worn areas and after a coat of flat clear, added some filters and washes.... The O2 cylinder is dry fitted at this stage and I'll also add the hydraulic lines to the landing gear selector at a later date along with the Barracuda O2 tubing. I then made a start on the resin seat. Unfortunately, one of the seat brackets was missing - hadn't broken off as it wasn't in the bag - but an easy fix.... I used a Dremel and cutting disc to remove the pour block and then a sanding stick for final clean up (inc the obligatory face mask to keep the resin dust of of my lungs!). The missing bracket was 'pinched' from the kit seat....
  6. Thanks Wolf. Found that one earlier but dismissed it being a IX. Have decided to go with what I've got. Bare metal paint is on and will follow with the green once fully dried so will have pics tomorrow.... Gary
  7. Real shame that the images no longer work. And I've searched high and low but can't find any answers Gary
  8. Back again - and thank you for teh warm reception I'll do my best not to disappoint With NZ now going into lock down have been flat out at work getting prepared for whatever may be coming. I'd much rather be isolating at home keeping a low profile, but being a frontline healthcare professional doesn't afford me that luxury. But I'll certianly be heading out to the man cave when oportunity allows - if only to destress Anyway, I have made a start on the cockpit and the beautiful resin goodies from Barracuda. Before I get any WIP pics up, I do have a couple of Qs to put to those whose knowledge of the Spit is far greater than mine. Image copied and pasted from Baracuda website. What are the items circled in blue? Neither are included or mentioned in either the Barracuda set or the Tamiya parts. And are they relevant to the Mk.VIII? I noticed that on the throttle assembly, the centre lever (with the red tipped lever) isn't included so have scratched a new one - assume I am correct to do this? Finally (for now), I assume I'll be okay to model the MkII gyro gunsight if I'm building a 1945 aircraft based in the PTO? TIA Gary
  9. Greetings one and all. Been a long time guest lurking around and thought I'd finally get my a into gear and sign up and dive straight in with one of Tamiya's finest. After converting from armour a couple of years ago, have been delving into the world of Wingnut Wings but fancied a break from rigging. So, on a recent trip to Melbourne, picked up this kit and brought it back to NZ. A little bit of AM to spice things up (couple of more things yet to arrive) and hope that I can do this justice. Grateful for any input from the community and look forward to learning as I progress.... Gary
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