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  1. Excellent job-looks wonderful
  2. Ha! There I was busy not spending when I saw the new props and the new big tail. Sold !
  3. +1 on what Hartmann352 said re Russian fighters -I'd *especially* like to see a 1/32 LA5 / LA5FN And good luck whatever path you go!
  4. Wow - exquisite build. And again wow ;-)
  5. That's a fantastic build and paintwork-thank you for sharing and congrats to Gerd cheers
  6. I use these paints a lot-best thinned with Life Color thinner or distilled water. I have used tap water too but apparently that's not reccomended I've not used Tamiya thinners with them as water/lifecolor stuff cheaper.
  7. Now when the woman saw me with that big box of lego, they immediately looked in a funny way at me and asked what I needed it for. No, it's oke I answered, look at the box, it says 4+.. Good stuff, keep it up-excellent thread!
  8. Mark, Skiner -- many thanks gents, much appreciated! cheers
  9. Top class Mr shepard-Top class WIP thread and Top class result. Beautiful.
  10. Hey Joe, Cool-sorted Nice build mate!
  11. Hi Joe - your link leads to this message http://s1282.photobu...er2 1_32 Scalet We're sorry, we cannot find the page you requested. cheers Moksha
  12. Taff, Brad-cheers Gents for popping in and for the kind words!
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