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  1. I've got that same kit Kevin. It's actually 1/400 scale and a repop of an old Lindberg kit. I have both kits and the only difference is the Logo on the inside of the hull. It's a great little kit. Adrian
  2. Looks great Jerry! You've done a wonderful job on it as usual. Take care friend. Adrian
  3. Wow Jerry, Hadn't realized you were working on these - I been outta touch for a bit I guess. Put me down for a set for sure, I STILL haven't finished my 1/24 Airfix Stang! Adrian
  4. Wow, it's been a while since I've been on here and longer since I've done any work on my builds. Thanks for the comments Greg, eagledoc & Thor and thanks for the bump on the Mustang. I guess I need to dust it off and get back on it & do a bit of work. It's been even longer since I worked on my Trump P-38 or my Airfix 1/24 Mustang also. Where does the time go? I have to admit that I've moved a bit towards the dark side in the last few months tho. I picked up a few ship kits off of ebay and got a little involved in a couple of them also. I'm currently doing a bit of work on a Lindberg 'Jolly Roger' Pirate ship (don't let the hokey name fool you, it's actually a great little (1/130 scale) 30 gun Frigate (LaFlore) that I'm building into my version of the 'USS Boston'). I'm also working on a Lindberg Armed Schooner 'Sandpiper' - a great little 10 gun Revenue Cutter / Baltimore Clipper. Both are excellent sailing ship models, in my opinion. I think I'll pull the Mustang off the shelf this weekend and see where I stand on it. I need to get a few projects off the bench & on the shelf. Adrian
  5. I'm new to using Mr. Surfacer 1000 & was curious what you use to clean your brushes with. I've tried both brush cleaner & turpenoid & neither seem to work very well. Any suggestions before I ruin another sable brush? Thanks, Adrian
  6. I played with cutting a few but ran out of time. I'll need to get the proper (or close enough) angle of the doors to cut them. Then I'll attach a piece of sheet styrene on the doors & glue the hinge piece - well that's the plan anyway. Thanks for looking in - not much tonight but at least I'm back at it again. Adrian
  7. I bounced around a bit tonight on this and worked on an idea for the main gear door hinges. I started by double punching a few discs of styrene for the hinges.
  8. I also got a tail wheel bay in from Jerry Rutman. Jerry did a great job on this part - it took the pressure off of me for sure. If you've ever built this kit, you know the kit tail wheel gear is crap - it breaks if you look at it too hard. Jerry solved that problem with a metal gear, so I got one from him - but I was scratching my head on how to mount it. I had thought of using a brass or styrene tube drilled out - then Jerry did the wheel well & problem solved.
  9. Whew - it's been a while since I touched this build. The Holidays just seem to absorb any modeling time I had. Hopefully, I'll be able to start doing a little here & there on this build & my Lightning build. Thanks for the Blades Thor, I appreciate it! They look great compared to the thin Revell Kit parts - if I don't pooch mounting them anyway. I'll have to figure out how to mount those suckers this weekend.
  10. Looking great Harv! Any update is better than none - I haven't touched my Lightning in weeks. Those engines are some jewels aren't they? I wish you luck on opening the panels. I considered it on my build, but it was just a bit much for me to tackle for now. This ship is a tail sitter if your not careful with the weights - even with the weights I have in mine, it still takes very little to make it squat. I think I'll add some more weights in the gunbay, near the firewall - just in case. It's nice having some more Lightings being built, I'll be keeping an eye on these! Adrian
  11. I have the Eduard # 32604 USAF & USN WWII Early set that I was going to use on my Revell P-51B build. The set I have is the pre-painted set & I have to say that I'm not too impressed. Granted that it's probably 75% operator error, I just couldn't get them bent to look like they would lay naturally in the seat without the paint flaking - & I was REAL careful. Another thing is that this set only comes with lap-belts - no shoulder harness. I'll be using the buckles for the belts so the set is not a total waste but I doubt I'll get another - except for getting more buckles perhaps. Adrian
  12. I don't have near the amount of projects some of you have, but I do have a few that needs to be finished. 1/24 Airfix Mustang 1/32 Revell P-51B and 1/32 Trump P-38 in the Aces Group build. If I manage to get those three finished this year, I think I'd like to tackle a Fokker Triplane just for the fun of it! Adrian
  13. Last pic of the night. I will be doing a bit more work on the cockpit. I'm going to attempt to scratchbuild the Hydraulic hand pump on the right floorboard, that should be a trick! I am also planning on doing a bit of scratchbuilding on the radio deck. Hopefully I'll be able to button up the fuse after Christmas. Thanks for looking in, I appreciate it!! Adrian A.
  14. Both side walls together. I have a few touch-ups to do on the paint & I will also add a few Waldron Placards to both sides.
  15. Another view. This first real attempt with PE has been an experience. There is a definite learning curve with PE. I think for me, the hardest part of PE is making the correct bends and just manipulating the tiny parts. The bending part got the better of me on several pieces. Working with super glue & activator was also a bit different for me - I have a tendency to use just a tad too much.
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