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  1. THANK YOU! I have wanted 1/32 YF-16 for 40 years. I got to sit in cockpit of one of first two test birds at Edwards AFB. My Dad ran the weapons shop.
  2. Sorry, having problems with pictures
  3. I used the 2003 version with outstanding decal sheet. I also used fantastic Fisher resin cockpit set. Shawn B.
  4. I tried to build this in high school, I never accomplished it. It was thrown out some way. I picked up another kit recently. I added some Eduard cockpit PE and I dropped flaps. I also added resin seats. I had to do some surgery in pit area. The cockpit open area was also too big. I am well aware that Trumpeter makes this aircraft but I wanted the Revell kit. Shawn G
  5. Just now seeing this, INCREDIBLE! I have converted the same model to YF-15. I kept gun because one of the test birds did gun testing. Shawn Bemo
  6. YES! YES! YES! 1/32 X-1B on my wish list for decades. Thank you Paul, Shawn G.
  7. FANTASTIC build, one of my all time favorite planes. Dad was stationed at Bunker Hill (Grissom AFB) when these were there. My sister and I got to sit in parked B-58 cockpit at an air show. Shawn G.
  8. Another relatively "quick" builds, I used Revell/Germany issue. I used kit decals and original 1970's decals from my stash. I did use a few resin items from Verlinden. Same day I finished this, I started Revell P-51B. Btw, I do have Trumpeter F4U and P-51bB, in case you are wondering. Shawn Bemo
  9. You need Hasegawa F-5, F-18 engine, and F-16 main gear. I bought another F-5E at model show specifically for 1/32 project. As I said in my article, you would need to scratch build wings, vertical tail, and main gear doors. Shawn G
  10. Boy wouldn't that be nice. I have Revell X-1 in 1/32. It would be nice for conversion set to make X-1B.
  11. This is reissue with updated decals. All rivets were sanded off and gear is from Eduard X-1. Finish is Alclad, pitot tubes are aluminum tube, and seat is from Monogram F-80. Shawn G.
  12. I used maybe 50% of Attic resin conversion. I made wings, vertical tail, and canards. The decals are shite, but made best of it. I used model (can't remember brand) with resin cockpit for front section. I used F-18 Hornet engine and the main gear is mostly from F-16. Shawn G.
  13. Yes Harvey, long overdue for new tooling. Thank you
  14. Everything stock except seats and I added Eduard cockpit details. Of course, I had to drill out original "seats". I used Alclad gloss black for finish. Shawn G.
  15. This was on SOD for about 5 years, I bought on EBAY. When I finally got serious about build, I realized that there were a few parts missing......... I decided to open up both under hatches. I didn't notice until later that the rear hatch is in wrong spot. I relied on Revell panel line. I didn't go crazy on interior, especially rear area. The front office was detailed with Eduard photo etch. I scratch built half of seat. The main gear area isn't accurate. I decided to leave it stock. The finish is gloss black with a very thin overcoat of dark grey. I was very pleased with how strong model became, thank you Tamiya extra thin. Of course, there were huge fit issues. I decided to cut rear portion out (see picture) to make contruction easier. I used Browning guns from Aires. Shawn G.
  16. Excellent Build!! Shawn G
  17. Thank you all for kind words. Yes Kevin, you may publish. I am honored. Shawn G.
  18. I also added details behind cockpit with styrene bits. Shawn G.
  19. Finally got around to finishing this. I updated pit details, engine. I "corrected" the wing fold to make it more realistic. The seats are resin from Hunter kit. They are close enough for me. I added FOD covers even though they not be 100% accurate. The decals are after market, I can't remember who made them. The yellow is British Trainer yellow. I decided to scuff up the leading edge of fuel tanks. The picture I had of this plane was very clean and glossy. The canopy won't sit right if you build it stock. I used brass rod instead. Shawn G.Shawn G.
  20. There are more WIP pictures already posted on here. Sorry, I didn't post more. Shawn G.
  21. I wanted to add 4 more pictures. The last one shows custom decals that I printed for aircraft serial number. Still highly recommend this kit. Will purchase the Zotz decals! Also I made FOD cover and added 25th stencils to cover.Shawn G.
  22. Ok, my Dad was at Phan Rang for 1 year 67-68. He laoded munitions on F-100s.
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