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  1. Work continues on my Mosquito despite other projects that delayed this build. I have prioritized this build by tackling the time consuming problem areas first. For this build these areas are the wings and nacelles. Both wings were warped both span and cord-wise with the port wing being the least warped and the starboard wing the worst. My solution was to use brass tubing attached to the lower wing halfs held in place with sheet plastic "saddles". The port wing. And the starboard. The brass rod for each wing was only glued ,with CA, inboard of the nacelles. This would allow the brass rod to 'float" if I needed to adjust the any misalignment of outer wing panels. The forward tab was notched and an opening was made for a brass rod that will be inserted into the tubing when the wings are attached to the fuselage. The rod will run nearly the length of the tubing in each wing. This is probably overkill but it will make for a solid join. All in all an old school solution for an old school kit. RD
  2. Thanks. I don't know who produced these wheels. I bought my Mosquito kits from a LSPer named James. [Sorry I don't remember his last name.] And the wheels came with those along with the Paragon sets.
  3. Yes. Paragon resin is out of production.
  4. That is the Paragon FB MK VI conversion which does include a resin cockpit upgrade.
  5. My entry in The Multi Engine GB is to going to be a Mosquito FB MK VI out of the Revell B MKVI with the help of some Paragon resin and a bit of scratch-building. If all goes well it will be finished as HR399 OB-R of #45 Squadron.
  6. Thanks for pointing out the alternatives. Using the RoG Spitfire MK. II is likely the best way to go for a Vc conversion.
  7. For a 1/32nd scale Spitfire MK. Vc conversion I believe I would start with a RoG Spitfire MK.IX and a Hasegawa Spitfire MK. V. The Hasegawa kit would be primarily used to supply the nose section. To improve the economics of the build I would source at least the Hasegawa kit second hand. RD.
  8. Gray Matter Figures have a retractable tail wheel. https://www.greymatterfigures.com/
  9. I'm going to suggest the Hasegawa F-6F Hellcat. Its an old kit but even built out of the box its still very nice. Plus it has good bones for a detailed build. These kits can be had a good prices at shows.
  10. I just picked up the Osprey book on the P-61 as well. Scanning the book I noted where the ETO flew with a 2 man crew and the PTO squadrons flew 3 man crews. Even with the fixed "turret" [barbette?] they carried the "gunner". If this is a generally correct assumption , I wonder if the 3rd crewman was a second set of eyes on the flight deck? My guess,as well, is that The Vigin Widow carried the fixed upper guns. I would like to see a photograph verifying that though. I'm following the build,it looks great so far. RD
  11. I believe since you have the F6F-3 Trumpeter kit you can build it as a F6F-5. And paint it in the dark sea blue scheme. RD
  12. I haven't pre-ordered one yet but I'll be doing so soon. Looking forward to it.And interested in seeing the choices for the Marine A/C. RD
  13. Interesting news. I have been holding off on buying 32nd scale Mustangs until I see the ZMs. RD
  14. Fisher's F7U Cutlass for its appropriate category. Resin or MultiMedia. RD
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