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  1. Seems like an awful lot of WWII stuff.... I would like to see some cold war era
  2. some modifications just arent necessary.... You have to remember scale modelling is about pulling off illusion of scale effect rather than trying to go millimeter for millimeter to shrink things.... some fixes are just a bad investment of time and resources.... 4 scale inches of depth really only matter when it comes to shoing the profile of the seat over the side sills...
  3. I buoght the Aires nozzles for the later model trumpy kit and they are far too large for the trumpy fuselage..... I tried trimming but the whole back end is wrong... what are your recommmendations?
  4. weathering and camo is great.... my only issue would be the cockpit color... But at this point its spilt milk... and your average person wont know the diff.... just us Russian Aircraft junkies
  5. Please dont use that preprinted IP when you have such beautiful cockpit parts...
  6. These are indeed acrylic.... they just yse a petroleum based solvent. They are very similar to the new line of Akan.. lacquer based paint..... and behave like Mr Hobby paint when thinned properly.... Hands down I think lacquer based acrylics are the very best.
  7. I love the fitter.... it was such a beast.... It prob wouldve been used more widely had it not been for its single engine config. We really are in need of a good inj molded kit for this
  8. THe Fullback is a whole different animal..different fuse, gear, pit, wings etc... I think you would end up really building the whole plane from scratch since it is so very different that the Su-27... but the Su-33 is certainly a more reasonable conversion.
  9. Wow Mark... beautiful effect..... Best Mig 21 job Ive ever seen!!!
  10. check your references... the compressed air, Oxygen bottles tucked up in the main landing gear bays and wings are blue and black respectively.
  11. Just a place holder. Have the Trumpy kit with all the resin and a plethora of PE, Napalm tanks.... Love the HUN !!!!
  12. I will definitely do the Hun..... Nothing flew more sorties that the F-100 in SEA camo with heat discoloration and chipped paint on the engine combustion area ......
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