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  1. Awesome work there Zak !!! Looking forward towards your next update Ken
  2. Awesome build!!! I am gonna follow your build . Keep up the good work bro
  3. That sucks. I know Sprue Bros are awesome in shipping and the have great customer service too
  4. Bill, sorry about the mishap, hope you get your part soon and get to test the thinners
  5. I am glad you found that link useful and you are welcome
  6. Hey Fellas, Not sure if anyone has seen this video, I thought it was really useful and would help us save some money to our ever growing expenditure in model building https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8k3BJC80IQ Ken
  7. How in the heck, did I miss this thread ? she's lookin mighty fine there. pardner, Great details Brian Ken
  8. Awesome progress Kevin, will be following this build closely, have 1 in the stash Ken
  9. RR,

    Good day. Although I stated to open PhotoShop, I meant Adobe Illustrator. Sorry to have gotten off on the wrong foot. Do you have Illustrator?



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