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  1. Hey chief .. just to confirm ... still have problem to see the pictures in my post?.. thanks .. FT
  2. Collin , Neo , Kevin and phantom ...! .. take a look if is ok now.. if not yet , call again please ..!
  3. Hi people ! This is my next project , “The Duke” I’ll be using this Tamiya 1/32 scale very well know kit , a classic , that in my opinion could have some update since it debut , for example , the first generation design of the main landing gear wheels , a “ redesign “ of the cockpit .. but it is just a point of view … My objective in this work will be to hone my skills in weathering technics , this is why I choose this specific jet . .. some colleagues on the net have done amazing work, as a result there are very realistic models .. so , cutting the crap, let's go into the job.. My references .. almost all pictures that I use as reference for this project came from http://www.carrierbuilders.net At first , some pictures of the real guy The Duke project .. The kit .. Tamiya 1/32 model After markets , so far .. the cockpit the usual ... cutting some corners, sanding some edges, correcting some fit defects .. about resin sets and photetch . fitting the pieces each in its proper place. I will not paint the original surface from the resin set , so... PS.. not finished yet , but, so far so good ... The Duke is rolling ... BKR Baby!! to be continue...
  4. I've been following your work, what an incredible Viking. congratulations !!
  5. Hi ! A-10 ... That’s right , I always try to make a good research, mainly by the small details like, correct wheel hubs, in the case of the Tomcats, we have three types. correct bombs and missile configurations or what is shown in the research pictures. in some cases, reproduce the painting pattern exactly as the reference picture shows (in this case it is difficult because we do not have a walkaround of all planes or all squadrons) so sometimes we have to use imagination or intuition to reproduce a model making them realistic, helmet models for each correct jet in the right time .. things like that ... and at final some good pictures(not the case of this final pictures of my model , I haven’t a good light set to make this shoots ), good angles to take this pics with a correct background .. Thanks for enjoying my work / fun.
  6. hi people ! .. So , after a long time out of contact I be glad to come today with this images of my work already finished . hope everybody enjoy it , and I see you in the next challenge... Just to inform , the canopy ventilation bar are installed , as well as the little bar on the top/inside of the windshield too..
  7. Great job !! ... congratulation !! FT
  8. Hi people !!... I'm still alive.. So .. decals already done and "legs" too .... Looks like all done ... still have a lot... FT
  9. Hey Luca .. Engine nozzle details in process .. and "the legs " at final .. Soon
  10. People .. Hi!! So .. we are at this point .. paint already finished and weathering applied... ready for decals .. By now , Engine Nozzle fine detail work ... and ... yet ... Legs details ..
  11. Hi Steve .. So , I used our well know Tamiya chrome silver X-11. applied with airbrush . .. after it well dry , few minutes , and with an old shirt or any soft cloth , you just give 'a glow' .. after that, apply a 'washes' with oil paint 50-50 black and dark brown... and the level of wethering , dirty or clear, on this wash ' keep's with the customer's taste ' .. any more to ask, I'm here .. ok people ... Steve ... any doubt you have is just ask again .. ok.. FT
  12. People !!.. And is now that I resolve to do this correction ... So , we are here now ... Almost there with the paint process ... FT
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