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  1. Hi coops, welcome onboard too!! The best places for references are sites like this, there's so much knowledge here you just ask or it's even brought to your attention, but it's always helpful. I'm not an expert on planes so if you're like me and not sure just ask I'm never embarrassed to ask!! I don't know what your skill level is but Tamiya's F-15C is a great build, really fits well together and I really enjoyed building it. Look forward to seeing your work. Cheers Jer
  2. Cheers Bruce for compliment. In the end I used the kit wheels as I had already spent time thinning and rounding the rubber. Hopefully your upgraded set will be ready for my next Eagle and I won't have to spend ages sanding! Cheers Jer
  3. Hi Kev, of course you can, my honour! Hi Kev, of course you can, my honour!
  4. Sat next to my 1/48 Wild Boar That's me signing off.......
  5. All completed, thanks for all the kind comments and advice throughout the build. Hope you like the end result.
  6. Been working on the Hasegawa AIM-120s and the superb Zactomodels AIM9Xs All Painted up. Main body shafts painted in FS36375 Light Ghost Grey. AIM-120s have had their fins painted in Alclad Brunt Iron instead of black. AIM-9Xs have Alclad Magnesium painted fins, polished aluminium tip and stainless steel behind the front fins. Having looked on the web I saw so many different paint jobs and finishes for both, especially the 9X so it took a while to decide on the finish!!! Anyway it's my representation. Apart from a bit of pre shading I haven't done anything else to them but thought you guys might like to see more progress. Cheers
  7. Been back in the paint shop for the second colour to be added FS 36270 Kept peeling off the formation light frames with the blu tac which was really annoying as I had to reattach and respray twice! Also the rear formation lights based on Eduards destructions were around a different way when compared to my reference photo. Off they came too! That was annoying......but there seems to actually be more than one setup anyway so be careful. Cheers
  8. Cheers Mark, GT's exhausts are a great enhancement to the kit same goes for the fuel tank. Feels great to finally start painting still a way to go though.
  9. First visit to the paint shop........... FS36251 light grey (Lifecolor). Forgot to paint fuel tank and central pylon after cleaning air gun!! Oh well I need to complete the first part as I had the intake up and forgot painting them when they're down hence the tape markers! Cheers
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