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  1. Very nice model and Great work!!! Looks very realistic!!!
  2. To combat the humidity I was just thinking of putting like 2 inline moisture traps. My home is A/C so the air should have very little moisture.
  3. Yes I do live in South Florida. Humidity is an issue here when painting anything indoor and outdoor.....Lol. I have heard of using C02. It makes sense. and yes my little pancake compressor from Harbor Freight has a 3 gallon tank. I dont mind spending the money on something of good quality and quiet. Thank you for your input. Really appreciate it.
  4. OK gentlemen, I need a new Compressor. My old hand me down compressor finally gave up the ghost. Any recommendations on what to drop some money on? What are you guys using with success? Thank you in advance.
  5. Ok gentlemen Im curious on this one. I know a couple of friends that love to paint their parts on the sprue and the other 3 will paint their parts off the sprue and use every holder they own to secure them while painting. I usually will paint some on the sprues and others off.
  6. Amazing work brother!!! Keep it up, its a beautiful model!!!
  7. For Photo Etched parts I use Gator Grip Hobby Glue, the Thin Blend. It works very well.
  8. This, among a few other BF109 books I own been a very good source of information and great knowledge on these aircraft. SOOOO many variations and field modifications and factory and field retrofitting of parts on some of these planes was truly a confusing and challenging undertaking.
  9. Ok so I have gotten the parts I need to continue this build correctly. As it was pointed out by some fellow members on here about my build. I have a BF109 G-6 Late. The topic of my build is a BF109 G-6/AS. My late G-6 kit has the "Bueles" and the "Yellow 15" I want to depict is a BF109 G-6/AS Late without the cowling bulges and the smooth cowlings. According to the some of the books I have been reading on these aircraft this particular W.nr 163 796 was a BF109 G-6/AS with the bigger supercharger, deeper oil cooler, Erla Haube canopy, and taller tail.
  10. Welcome!!! Looking forward to seeing your build come together. The F-15E is one of my favorite modern military jets.
  11. Nice!!! good luck with your build. I am also working on a BF 109G-6. Verlinden makes some awesome stuff.
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