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  1. Yes, all HobbyBoss kits are really well engineered. The problem is the accuracy... Many of the problems with their Spit Mk.V can be ignored if you don't try to compare the kit with technical drawings, but a terrible problem with that kit are the clear parts. In all the HobbyBoss kits I saw well assembled, the modelers swapped the kit's clear parts for Hasegawa parts.
  2. No, lamentably Hobby Boss Spitfire V is related as the worst Spitfire kit in any scale... The Hasegawa kit is good despite its raised panel lines.
  3. FCM

    1/32 or 1/35 ?

    Always 1/32 for me. 1/35 is an scale for iron turtles.
  4. There is a photo from Japan Hobby show. For me the naceles seems completely wrong (too narrow).
  5. I still prefer it to be just a rumor. The Su-57 is not yet finished, and any kit produced now reflects the prototypes. I believe it is better to wait for the plane comes operational. There is so much subjects expected along years that it should be the focus in the meantime.
  6. There are a lot of twin engine possible models and single engine also missing! Why not a Me-410, or Do-17 / 217? Another great fault are japanese torpedo/dive bombers! Those are smaller than twins and very wanted. I think to stay around the most famous alied subjects will always a risc to make a duplicated release... A long time ago I talked to Neil about a 1/32 He-177 and he commented to me about the difficulty of getting enough data to produce the expected quality kit of that for the 1/32 scale. A 1/32 B-29 would be more feasible...
  7. I feel the next 1/32 release from Tamiya would be a F4U-4/5, if the existing Corsairs could share some sprues with them. When we see that manufacturers who have the power to release new kits easily just by adding a few new parts in small sprues like Trumpeter can do, which could release a P-38M, a MIG-27 or a MIG-15UTI just adding few parts to the already existing kits, or Revell, that could bring us a complete JU-88/188 family with new parts for their kit, and they does not do so. I can not imagine what can happen in companies as expensive as Tamiya.
  8. Luckily we have very good P-40 kits from Hasegawa. So we can ignore these shoddy kits that Trumpeter has made. but we need to hope for Hasegawa bring us back the K and M versions.
  9. Someone knows where Kits-World print their decals? Or those are printed by thenselves?
  10. I think hiding future releases increases the risk of seeing another manufacturer producing the same kit at the same time and being released together, as it happened recently when we were surprised by two 1/32 Lancasters ... On the other hand, announcing future releases does not interfere with other manufacturers. In 1/48 scale we saw Special Hobby promising a Tracker and a Hawkeye kits many years before Kinetic came on the market ...
  11. They missed an excellent sales opportunity with Christmas...
  12. It seems so strange for me once Kittyhawk showed a box art and decals options for the early type F-5E, and now shows photos of a different model. With this parts the box art and decals are completely wrong and the modeller can buy one thing and so get other. I think it is not cool... I do not like buy a kit waiting for resin conversions / corrections. Perhaps the early type could be another box, like their pair of Broncos, F-86 and T-28. But this is not so clear at this moment.
  13. In moments of low pockets, there are some possible new releases with very few changes. Revell could reborn their JU-88 (currently both kits out of catalog) as new kits of JU-88 C and S variants, using the main frame of JU-88A-4 kit...
  14. I agree with you. It is very sad only Hasegawa, Tamiya and Academy include seated pilot figures in their 1/32 kits... I have needed to copy these to some of the other kits... The figures of Tamiya kits have an individual sprue, these could be sold separately.
  15. Hello friends, my name in Felipe and I am the producer of FCM decals. I have had more atention to 1/32 scale since I migrated to 1/32 scale as modeler. The decal 32021 showed above by our friend SharkOwl is my last release in 1/32, but I have another new decal comming ! The next release in 1/32 scale, set 32022 is for the A-18G Growler, prepared for the Trumpeter kit, offering two versions of VAQ-132 Scorpions. The decal was already sent by MicroScale and I beleive to have that in hands mid October: To see more details of my 1/32 decals range, please visit my website and my 1/32 sector: http://www.fcm.eti.br/32.html
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