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Hasegawa F6F-5 - Finished


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Figured I would build one of the couple of large scale planes in my 'stash.  Stated this just as I finished the myF-16 build so I am still literally on step 1 due to painting.  Unless I can find another set of decals this will be a straight out of the  box build.





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Okay, so onto the priming and painting stage.  SO far, I am trying to get a handle on black basing and the marbling layer prior to laying down the primary color.  I believe I have a good handle on it, unknown if I need to get more of the gray down before I put down the Gloss Sea Blue.  The gouge has been fixed and you can barely see where it is, unless you knew it was there earlier.

I also wanted to see what occurs if I add some of the exhaust stain under the main color and making someone the top sections of the model lighter.  Only way to learn is to experiment, am I right?





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