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  1. STILL ALIVE!!!! HONEST! Just a wanted to wait until I had a little more work done on the Tomcat. Seam work mostly but the ordinance is almost done.
  2. I currently have this part painted Steel from the Vallejo Metal color line, which comes off very dark. So my sense of attempting perfection can rest and go with that!
  3. Okay, I would like a little help since I am not the best judge on figuring the color of an object, especially when a number of instructions offer varying vague color options. My current F-14 build has the section of the engine labelled dark gray, no FS color. The picture below where the arrow is pointing seems to look more like carbon fiber so for painting purposes, would this be a dark steel or gray? Suggestions or comments? Or am I just that blind? Picture was found here: http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/bill_spidle_f-14d/f-14d_159600_christine_parts/
  4. Might have to go ahead and pick up the Jet Exhaust color and go with that. Thanks everyone.
  5. Awesome build and stunning pictures! How did you drill into the mirror for the display?
  6. Wings are about 90% weathered. I am honestly not quire sure how I feel about the look of it. I am horrible with weathering, but this go around is better than I've done so far. I still have to do the swing marks against the fuselage plus some other odds and and ends on the wings, but those can be tackled after I close up the fuselage.
  7. Wings are just about done, pilots added (no comments on the RIO's legs tog et him to fit), wheel wells closed for an inflight build. She is getting there. for the people watching, and suggestions for where to get a good example of what the TPS scheme should be for the F-14? It seems to vary and the instructions from Revell are somewhat vague..
  8. Was wondering if this is operator error on my part or am I just missing something? I've sprayed the Vallejo Metal Color Steel a couple of time sand it seems almost as dark as the black primer I've sprayed over. am I doing something wrong on my end or am I just expecting it to be lighter then it should be? I've attached an example. Maybe the lighting is too harsh that is causing the issue? Am help would be appreciated.
  9. I am truly in awe with this build.
  10. Thanks all. Did a dry fit, just remembered how horrendous the join in the front is.
  11. This build is just rolling along. I can honestly say it looks better then my first attempts in the 80's! Plan is to paint and weather the wings and then close up the fuselage and then do the same. Enjoy everyone.
  12. Here is where she stands now. So I am going to go with NK200 decals when I get to that point. Actually pretty happy with how the white came out, a lot of coats but that's how it goes. So I picked up "The Scale Hornet" Guide for tips on how to build a model inflight without sticking a rod through the exhaust. So I believe I will be putting the connection for the post between the Phoenix missiles at an angle, which should allow clearance for the wing sweep mechanism. Enjoy.
  13. Figured I would show this build since I just completed the USS Defiant. I am planning on building something in 1/32 scale in the future. Promise. Yet for now, enjoy and please let me know what you guys think. On a side note... the pilot either came with the kit or was snatched from the OA-4M that is my stash, so the detail is a tad... soft. Or I am just so blind that I can't paint details in 1/48 scale.
  14. ...AND DONE! Next up is a 1/48 Revell F-14D. As you can tell I am just a glutton for punishment.
  15. Even if it is fake, I have a desire to build a MIG-29 in Ukrainian colors.
  16. I am just about to call the airbrushing portion of this build done. Just some sections that I need to paint by hand and see if any of the under bleed and over spray can be done by hand and not come off too thick. Enjoy, any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
  17. Will definitely look into the YouTube video, thank you.
  18. Afternoon everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew of source for pictures of some current load outs for the F-18E. I have some from online plus Reid Air publications F-18E exposed book. I am planning a build of a F-18 in the future and I am trying to gather as much information as possible. If anyone have any recommendations for other sources it would be very much appreciated.
  19. Almost done with the paint of the gray stage. Had an issue in which the masking agent I used pulled up the paint from a section all the way to the bare plastic. Not a fun time, thankful it wasn't an overly large section. A couple more gray panels to go and some paint clean up from the bleed under the over spray then off to some other colors.
  20. I think I may have found the issue, just extra steps to take for this forum. Will double check. Should be good to go now.
  21. Still having issues with Flickr and the links for this forum. For those who wish to review, here are some more pictures of the Defiant. A couple fo the shades of gray are complete, little bit more to go. There, links should be fixed. Thanks for the help Out2gtcha!
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