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And another 1:16 kit: Panzerjäger IB


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5 minutes ago, Ryan said:

I'm excited then remember the dealing with the wheels and bogies all over again!


I'm thinking the exact same thing, since I'm now plugging away on the standard IB. The good news is that there are now some nice 1:16 AM items available for the kit.

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Well that's a new one on me. I thought all the Panzer I based Panzerjagers mounted 47mm guns. Being that this was likely a one-off used in Berlin in 1945, it seems like an odd choice to do this and not the far more common Ib with 4.7cm gun that was used on a number of fronts...

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4 hours ago, LSP_Matt said:

Where did they store the ammo on these?



From what I can glean, it was more "this" than "these", as it seems only one existed. I would guess that there was no onboard storage. Probably a second vehicle or cart with ammo. All the pics of other models of it I have found show no means of on board storage, and the one photo doesn't show the rear. Probably used like a towed anti tank gun (eg the pak 40) with ammo brought up separately. 

Just a weird choice by Takom, perhaps because there is an extant 1/35 kit by Dragon that they could base theirs on???

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On 6/28/2022 at 9:33 PM, LSP_Ron said:

You haven’t filled enough ejector pin marks yet Kev?  LOL

These were a pain but the track link pins were breaking all the time.  I flew a few into the carpet. Not enough pins in the kit for a beginner like me.  

After that struggle, I have found metal pins for 79 cents / 150 at Michael’s in the jewelry area.  They need to be snipped; 1/8 inch too long.  The heads look just right to my eye. A small dot of CA glue holds them in place.  I will use them on the spare track links. 



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