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Heritagecon is back!


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I got an email last night that Heritagecon is being held in just over 2 weeks on March 27th. 




This is one of the larger (if not largest) shows held in the Toronto/Golden Horseshoe area. It's at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. 


My youngest wants to attend so hopefully I'll see some other members there.



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I'll be there. Should be interesting to see if any other LSPers will attend. Should be a big gathering, lots of pent up demand...and lots of vendors. 


The venue, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, also has some aircraft restorations that have made progress as they head into celebrations for their 50th anniversary.



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Missed you guys @DONG and @R Palimaka but my sons and I had a great time. We passed a couple crashes on  the way there from Toronto due to some snow but otherwise was uneventful. The show though was the opposite and a nice return to normalcy. 













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I really liked seeing the sci-fi builds. 


Neon Genesis Evangelion 



40K which Superman likes to build. 






Macros Valkyrie booster and launch vehicle. 




Also from Macros, a Destroid Monster in 1/72 scale. Easily one of the largest models on display. I knew Wave had teased one back in the early '00s but didn't know about this resin kit from Salzo. The tubes in front of it are the gun barrels that go into the holes on the top. 











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