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Hi guys.

I have a situation wherein I have fully cleaned my airbrush, and it no longer sprays. 

Air has zero problem passing through the body and tip, but no fluid.


Anyone have an idea what is going wrong?

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I've had the same issues with mine. They are very touchy. I don't even know what really causes it although I did find that airbrush needle oil seems to help.  Cranking up the airpressure and spraying thinner seems to make it smarten up too.  They spray nice when they work but can drive a person bat **** crazy too.

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  • LSP_K2 changed the title to Issue with Iwata airbrush

Thanks Ron. I've tried what you recommended. I may have to call the guy in Adelaide. 

I'm having a bad day with airbrushes. The first thing I did with my stupid numb hands was bending my thinnest H&S needle. 

Nevertheless carry on. :frantic:

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Using a few different types over the years Aerograph (De Vilbiss) Aztec,Mr Hobby(AKA Iwata) and proper Iwata. I think I bought my first airbrush in 1970 (Aerograph Super 63A),  so I have had similar problems over the years, but since using Mr Hobby Mr Tool Cleaner any cleaning problems have really gone any removable parts I ultrasound and pass the cleaner through the brush it smells terrible (and might be banned by the Geneva Convention) But it does what it says on the tin :clap2:

I use it the clean my workshop tools crapped up with resin and silicon.



Oh and change all rubber seals on a regular basis.

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Thanks Bob. I use Mr Tool Cleaner.

I think I must be doing something wrong. I have watched YouTube videos, read instructions....


It's okay for now due to my owning 5 airbrushes. I'm use my Badger Sotar right now.


Thanks guys.

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You may find there is some dried paint in the tip that you have missed! Easily done and probably worth a strip down and deep clean every now and then. Alternatively if you are using the Mr tool cleaner and it’s got onto the rubber seal on the air valve then it will have swolllen up and may be restricting the air. Been there done that ! Again strip down and deep clean.


I have several iwata airbrushes the main day to day one being a hp-ch and having used it for some 15 years never had any real issues with the tool. It’s usually user error and not enough cleaning in between colours! So in essence it’s not the tool it’s the tool using it! Lol

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi guys.


Very sorry I missed all the replies. My brain......


Airbrush Megastore, Adelaide South Australia. Owner, Chris.


I asked Chris the question in the OP. I was lucky to find him here in Sydney. Chris has gone out of his way to help me. Indeed, he just left. Chris made time to visit my home and check all three of my Iwata airbrushes. My issue is really my numb hands. 


So Chris took me through an in depth How to thoroughly clean them. Especially when using lacquers. 


This guy is amazing. Chris goes above and beyond what I regard as good service. I can assure anyone here in Australia who wants to buy an airbrush, the Megastore will look after them. The products of course are second to none.


Happily I own 3 H&S and one Badger airbrushes. I can keep working.


I've learned that for my hands, the H&S brushes are best suited with regards cleaning. Both companies offer stellar products. I will persist with trying to improve the way I hold Iwata parts as best I can. I dearly love my 3 Iwata brushes.


At the moment I have H&S Infinity with a .2 needle connected to my left side compressor, and my Silverline fitted with a .15 to my right side compressor. An Ultra fitted with a .4 for larger jobs in my tool box.


Again, thanks for your replies, and sorry again I missed them. 


Respect, Dale. 

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