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Is the old Aurora Giant Fokker D.VII accurate in shape

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2 hours ago, Derek B said:

It appears to be a 1/19 scale control line model kit.

There were two versions of the kit produced. One had nose parts for mounting a Cox or WenMac engine, as well as holes in the left fuselage half for control-line (CL) leads to the bellcrank. The other version had a more detailed nose and closed up left fuselage half to be used for assembling it as a display model only. Most of Aurora's "giant" kits were prodiced in a similar manner as two versions. 


I have the display model version. It is really cool, but not what one might call a "scale" model. There are large bosses and holes for screws on most of the parts. The wings are curved slabs of plasic about 1/16" thick with no effort to represent their flat undersides (a common feature of most, if not all, plastic CL models). The elevator is separate, with the same cloth squares to be used for hinging it as CL version. No cockpit detail at all, or pilot for that matter. The plastic is molded in red and black with VERY basic decals for Ernst Udet's "Lo!".




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Wow really basic I think the Balsa wood version is much nicer but on a note the old aurora kit looks more accurate in fuselage depth and also the upper wing than the much newer but horribly done 1/28 Revell Fokker D.VII offering due to following the wrong plans which is a darn shame for sure.

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As already stated, this (and the SE-5A) were originally designed and released as control line flying models back in the late 50s or early 60s (not sure exactly when). They were modified slightly and reissued as static models in 1967. If you want a very large (1/19 scale model), starting with these kits is probably better than starting from scratch. However, if you want an "accurate" and "detailed" scale model and don't care so much about the size, buy something else like a WNW kit. The Aurora kits were designed to fly at the end of a control line, not look nice or especially accurate sitting on a shelf.


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