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Panther V Aufs G 1/16 Trumpeter

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On 15/11/2020 at 17:53, Juggernut said:

Agradable. Estoy trabajando en el difunto Panther ahora, pero aún no he llegado a este punto. Estoy mirando con entusiasmo. 



Thanks for commenting.


The truth is that I progress very slowly because I hardly have time to dedicate to this beautiful tank. From Monday to Friday working hard. On Saturday the quartermaster of the home. And it is on Sunday when I can dedicate a little time to it.


I hope the google translator does its job well !!

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1 hour ago, josebagasteiz said:

Hi Kevin, you haven't posted updates on your JagdTiger in a long time and I'd like to see your painting and aging process with that great Tank Destroyer


I've done a little here and there, Joe, just nothing that's really worthy of an actual update. Soon though, I hope.

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Hello friends, I already know what my next project will be, at this rate for when I retire .... ha ha ha. Yesterday the postman brought me this:





Nothing more and nothing hands than the bible of the modeler:





Yes, the King Tiger 1/16 by Trumpeter, the "Santa Santorum" of the models

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Hello everyone.


I have started to paint the gearbox and some other parts because I think it will be better that way before putting them in place on the hull.


I start by priming with this:





The result is this:







Then I go on to mark the indentations with black paint:





And then I go on to give it its lightened color in some areas:






The colors for this step are:





Base color Steel Gray by Green Stuff World and FS 37886 by Anmo Mig for lightening



With Rot Brown and FS 37886 by Anmo Mig I paint and lighten the brake drum covers.



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