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Scratchbuilt Bushmaster PMV 4x4: now with paint!


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After starting to learn how to use CAD the hard way, I figured I’d try a new project. The Bushmaster is a mine protected vehicle designed & built in Australia, and has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali (Dutch service), & Lebanon (Fijian service). Over thirty have been destroyed whilst deployed, with no fatalities recorded. 

After some mucking around with the CAD, this is what I came up with. 





Due to the size of the printer bed, I had to slice up the model into workable pieces, such as this. 



After a little of bit of time, clean up, & assembly, I was left with this:




A little later:





Lots of work still to do.

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If failing = learning, then I’m definitely learning. 

Came up with a unique concept for aligning & assembling parts today: location tabs! Crazy. 




Errors required some big reprints, so I took the opportunity to add the interior step between the the driver’s & commander’s area & the rest of the interior. 

Which looks like this, in CAD:


As the front of the floor will be invisible, I’m not going to replicate its precise shape. The new centre section is a 58-hour print!

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Had an opportunity to access an industrial printer. It has a larger printer bed than mine (upper hull in two pieces, vs. six for mine), prints faster, & to a higher quality (twice the resolution). As you expect from a printer that costs as much as a German luxury car!





After so much time spent printing & tweaking the lower hull, it was good to start designing the winch. 



This mounts on the left side, wedged between the fuel tank & the sponson stowage bins. 

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The first & second iterations were acceptable, but there was tweak to the sump/base of the engine bay that necessitated a redesign of the front end for the third time.


The bottom of the engine bay, with ballistic covers, towing eyes, & lower part of the radiator grill:



Lastly, here’s the non-chassis parts of the front end. The inboard, inward-canted parts join on either side of the part illustrated above. 



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Returning to the interior - this time the troop compartment. 

As I’m building this closed up, the model interior only visible via the windows. As such, representative structures have been added, with detail being limited to recesses so that the outlines of the frame will be visible.








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Thanks @The Phantom . Pretty intimidating thought, tbh. Definitely a big difference in quality requirements doing something for yourself vs. for sale. 

The clean sheet redesign continues while the printer awaits it repair parts. Definite uptick in finesse, detail, & quality, as well as taking hours not days!




New upper hull clean sheet:




Ideally, I’ll be ready for *another* reprint, this time with far more accurate shapes. 

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