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Ta152H-0/1 Wooden Flaps?

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Hey all,


While I have the ZM Ta152H-0 on the bench, I'm wondering if the aircraft possibly had wooden flaps at some point?  I know there were some Fw190D's that had wooden flaps but am not sure about the Ta152H-0.  My book on the aircraft (Eagle Editions Ta152) indicates that the Ta152H-0 in the NASM has wooden flaps (or I've misread the text) but careful examination of the extant photos reveals these to be metal.


My Ta152H-0 will be represented with a wooden tail, that much I can say.  Now whether this particular aircraft (Yellow 2) actually had a wooden tail is subject to discussion as I haven't seen any photographs of yellow 2 (III JG301 if memory serves) let alone any close ups to see if there's panel lines on the tail or not.  Anyway, if anyone knows about the flaps on the Ta152, feel free to chime in.  I'd love to display the flaps down if they're wooden as it will be a nice talking point (to whomever notices).  Otherwise, they're going up like most operational photos show them. I think I will attempt to see what the wooden flaps look like on an Fw190D and see if I can modify the ZM parts to look like they're wooden.  I've read the review on this kit from The Modeling News and in there, the reviewer indicates that some Ta152H's might have come with wooden flaps.

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I've got the Valiant book on the D and TA-152 series aircraft.  It doesn't mention specifically about the construction of the flaps but it does show the NASM 152's flaps and they are pretty clearly metal.  No idea if any other airframes had wooden flaps or not. 

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3 hours ago, Shawn M said:

can clearly see the wood flaps here


Image from Airliners.net under fair use policy




Thanks, I got it to work... Initially I couldn't see the image but a copy link location and paste into Firefox brought up the D-13.  Thanks.


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2 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

No evidence of wooden flaps on Ta-152, full stop.




Wooden flaps:




Or are they? They look very flat and featureless. On the other hand, the ailerons look to be fabric covered




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