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Correct IRIAF jet colors

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12 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

FS 30219 is not one of the Iranian colors.  That's a USAF SEA camo color.  FS 30140 is the brown in the Asian Minor scheme.

thanks for the correction, then the FS 30140 would be correct?

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Someone else asked that question just a few weeks ago on another forum.

I was blessed enough to be able to take some shots of the real deal last year.

All in all three birds, six different shades of blue and grey.

Bottom line: You just go right after your own feeling of what looks about right and you will most probably have nailed it hihihi.





















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Say what you will about the Iranians, you really have to hand it to them - they're keeping very highly sophisticated 40-plus-year old airplanes operational, having had zero factory support for them for 99% of that time.  Their ingenuity and resourcefulness are pretty amazing.

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45 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Say what you will about the Iranians, you really have to hand it to them - they're keeping very highly sophisticated 40-plus-year old airplanes operational, having had zero factory support for them for 99% of that time.  Their ingenuity and resourcefulness are pretty amazing.

A lot of folks sell the Iranians short.  They’ve accomplished some pretty impressive feats, all the more so given the sanctions that have been in place for decades.    The GPS spoofing and subsequent  capture of that US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth UAV come to mind as a good example. 

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All cool, happy if the images are of some help. The airframes I saw where 3-6029 / 160327, 3-6030 / 160328 and 3-6052 / 160350, the latter one being a "Mig-Killer" supposedly having downed an Iraqi Mig-25 with a Phoenix upon an Iraqi air raid on some Iranian villages close to the border on feb. 25, 1986. Would have loved to catch the elusive Baba'ee AM-Tomcat with the splinter camo but that one was apparently forward deployed somewhere close to the Persian gulf coast for a large scale excercise shortly after the occasion. Two of the airframes I saw were sent to that excercise directly afterwards. Supposedly 160327 and 160350 are scheduled for overhaul beginning in 2019 and 160328 came out of Mehrabat some time in mid 2017. Sadly I was not allowed to take pictures at or even around Mehrabat but I had been told that there were at least three (maybe even more) F-14s there currently for overhaul / upgrade already.


I hope I'm not too much of a nuissance but maybe the one or other is interested in some tidbit I gathered over there: Just for the record, I'm not Iranian or in any way affiliated. I'm German and have no particular personal political stance regarding the current US / Iran relations other than that it is always a sad thing if governments can't get along with each other even if their normal people would like to, though I am not claiming the right to judge about the reasons for whatever conflict there is!


I tried to follow up on the Persian Tomcats now for quite a few years and compile a rundown of the serials that are reportedly i.e. photographed or filmed flying since the resurgence of the fleet in 2004. Together with the three airframes I saw myself I counted so far 42 airframes flying; however JUST FLYING, whatever that means in regards to true operationability or even combat readiness. There are images showing the last Tomcat delivered to Iran. ie.e 3-6079 / 160377 together with 3-6001 / 160299 the very first Tomcat for Iran and by now the oldes and longest flying Tomcat ever, lighting burners for take off. There are videos promoting that ominous indigenous Fakkur-90 Phoenix derivative, showing the F-14AM Splinter 3-6049 / 160347 launching a large missile that looks a lot like a Phoenix. It definitely wasn't a HAWK as that missile would be longer, is not launched from the belly and has larger control panels. As it definitely shows the Baba'ee F-14AM which roled out in that Splinter camo in 2013, the missile launch video seems to be fairly current. Hence they either managed to maintain the thermal batteries for their Phoenix contingent through all those years or they indeed were able to derive their indigenous Fakkour-90 "Phoenix". Both would be quite impressive achievements given the circumstances.


I was able to talk to some IRIAF personell and also to a rep of the Baba'ee corp, so all I am writing here is just hear-say and tell-tale. However ... for them their F-14s are basically flying gold and if there were'nt operations of the IRGC revolutionary guard in Syria sucking up funds the upgrade program would have progressed much further. For them it seems to be a real big issue and a few years back they launched several projects they summerize as their "Self sufficiency jihad" thinking that if muslims call something a jihad it seems to be fairly important for them. There was also an industry exhibition nearby where you could see a lot of supposedly indigenous parts up to complete engines and cockpit equipment such a LCDs and simulators. By the early 2000s they already assessed if they could replace the Tomcat fleet by SU-30s but came to the conclusion that it would not be a sufficient replacement because the Flanker's spool up time was insufficient meeting thenecessary times for Alert-5 intercepts compared to the Tomcat's system spool up. The SU-30s they are planning to get by 2021 are actually supposed to replace mainly the F-4 C and D fleet, not even the Echos which just went through a so called "Dowr'an"-upgrade apparently aided by the Chinese. They do heavily insist that neither the Russians nor the Chinese are to lay hands on their F-14s. The gentleman from the Baba'ee program told me that they spend between one and three years on the overhaul / and (depending on funds) upgrade of each airframe not just repairing structures but basically replacing as many parts as possible which can sometimes result in something coming close to an outright newly built airframe. That's at least what he claimed.


I have to confess the people I talked to were very friendly and polite in every way even allowing me to get behind the bars and touch and pet the Kitty. Basically the IRIAF and most Iranians just want to be left alone. They don't seem to have a beaf with anyone including Americans and they just find it unfortunate what is happening on the level of high politics. None of the IRIAF personell I was able to talk to would speak an ideological or unkind word about the west in general or the US in particular. Actually quite the opposite. I know it's just plain talking so make of that whatever you will. The current actions we see on the news are apparently mainly executed by the IRGC and other groups excluding the regular military. It does seem that there is in fact an internal rivalry between the conventional forces such as the IRIAF and the revolutionary guards which seem to withdraw heavily from the regular forces in terms of funds and equipment. For instance the six F-14s forward deployed to the nuclear site at Busher are apparently not under the control of the IRIAF but seem to be operated by the IRGC which is not much appreciated by the IRIAF as you can imagine. One officer told me that they had to literally fight over the AM-airframe and that due to the IRGC sucking up IRIAF funds the upgrade program has slowed down but that they do plan to keep the fleet well into the 2030s. No idea how realistic that is but given that they increasingly push older aiframes to Mehrabat for overhaul / upgrade that were'nt flying at all for years - the last one I know of being 3-6039 / 160337 some time early last year and 3-6002 / 160300 i.e. the second Tomcat delivered to Iran,  just rolling out of the hangars at Mehrabat early this year, i.e. increasing the flyable fleet rather than maintaining the fleet at a certain number - actually speaks in my understanding for the version that many of these F-14s are indeed mission ready?! Why would anyone increase the number of flying jets if the current fleet wouldn't be operational already?



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