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Hobby Boss IL-2M Shturmovik

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I've been struck down with a head-cold since Model Expo last weekend and along with getting on with my F-15E (Multi-Engine Group Build) have started the Hobby Boss kit while keeping warm at home.




It is a beast of an aircraft. Really nice detail and seems to fit together well.


Some filling and sanding then a couple of coats of Mr Surfacer 500 straight from the can have eliminated the rivet details for an area that on this version of the aircraft was wood.




Cockpit detailing is coming along nicely with some Eduard photoetch adding interest. I used oils for some dirtying up the cockpit - most will come off after it dries a bit.


The Eduard instrument panel is impressive, just needed some oils to accentuate its panels.




I plan to add some fuel lines around the black tank - just got to find some pics of where they go. I've got some showing fuel lines in there but not the terminations or routing yet.




Just need to wait a few days for some external etch to arrive with the paint and it will keep me busy during F-15E drying times.

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