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OS2U Kingfisher 1:32 Finished!

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15 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

It does! Great solution to the proud rivet issue. 

Thanks Brian.


11 hours ago, ringleheim said:

The work here is fantastic from top to bottom.


When I was a kid in the 1970s, I was over at a friend's house down in the basement, watching his older brother apply the finishing touches to the Monogram 1/48 Kingfisher kit.  He was a really good modeler and I fell in love!


I've had an interest in these planes ever since and this example is just terrific!



I can only recommend to build one. Some people might say it is not a great kit, the engine is overdone and so on but I think it's a real nice kit and with some patience you can make a nice model out of it. Some people even make a geat model out of it.


8 hours ago, Gazzas said:

This is coming together nicely!  Love the raised rivet fix!

Thank you


7 hours ago, USMC Herc said:

WOW!!! This is a model you do not see often.


What kind of effect are you using the wire for??




I am using the wire for a soft transition between the blue and white paint.


19 minutes ago, matejko77 said:
Well done


Thank you.

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So it was time to continue the paintjob. First of all I needed to tape a lot. After a while I had the most done.




And after almost wo hours the taping was done.




I sprayed the blue and then all the tape could be removed. You can see at the connection between the mainfloat and the fuselage i used blu-tack to try.








I think for the first time spraying soft edge it worked out nice. Not brilliant but I'm happy. When the blue paint was dry i could go on with the masks.








I think I need a little touch up to do. 






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Then I should paint an insignia on the bottom of the wing. With this scheme a little float needed to be removed :doh:




Careful work was performed and the insignia was painted. Then the float could be replaced.




Then some little paintwork was done and i needed to place some decals.













Next I need to place some small parts and it's time for the saltmethode.


Thanks for watching.








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Before I started working with the salt, I first sprayed many small things. I think this is really better than decals and will try to use this as much as possible in the future.

After the paint was dry I applied a layer of matte varnish. I chose matte varnish because the model needs to be made wet before the salt is applied. Matte varnish holds water slightly better than gloss varnish. For the light haze I used kitchen salt. 




I did some dilution in the airbrush and also a few drops of white. I sprayed that over the blue color. It is difficult to properly estimate how much you should spray, but I tried something. When this is dry (quite fast) the salt can be brushed off. I did this with a stiff brush but it took some effort. When I grabbed a soft brush and wet it, it went a lot better.






The red band to indicate where the propeller line is is a bit too much to the rear. However, I will not change this.

Then the model could be made wet again and put in the salt again. For the second time I used coarse salt, which was made slightly finer in the mortar.




Now I put strongly diluted smoke in the airbrush and I could spray again. On the bottom I think the smoke is sprayed too strongly but if I put the model on the float and I look at it then I am very happy. It has actually become exactly as I had imagined.












Thanks for watching and till the next time


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Thanks Kevin and Brian.


Time for the catapult. I based the catapult on some pictures I could find and made my own interpretation about it. Historicaly not correct but it's about the plane and so much about the catapult.












Parts for the cart with wheels for the cable






And some paint applied




For the cable i used some thread wich is painted. Not my best decision when I look at it afterwards.






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I think it looks great from here! Although I am by far my own worst critic, so I can understand how you feel.   At this point, is it too late to take out the thread and insert some Uschi rigging or thin EZ line? 

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Brian, Yes it's to late to change it. It doesn't matter because it is not easy visible. It's ok.


The visible wire is much better.

Edited by Fvdm

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It all looks great!
Well, the lines... they are not that important, nor visible...



How have you made the rivets on the catapult? Please.



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