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Mini-review Eduard Look 634002 F4U-1A Panel


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I just thought I would post a mini review of the new Eduard Look 634002 F4U-1A Panel. 


I saw this available a few weeks ago and ordered one for possible use in my Tamiya F4U-1A. My first impression is that the variety of media used is impressive, the gauges are clearly printed, it seems to be in register. The black panel plastic is nicely finished and not rough or flawed in any way. The lens covers are nice and shiny. And finally the detailed is nice and 3D looking, certainly better than the PE versions.


The seat belts, are nice for PE, but look overdone, the stitching looks large, perhaps a good dust coat or weathering will improve them. They can be used for a quick build, but I doubt anyone doing a super detailed build will use them. I do recommend spraying them with a thinned dust coat to blend them a bit.


So, this makes my opinion of it tough to nail down. I think with the F4U-1A, the parts Tamiya supplies actually make a very nice panel. I think where this one has an advantage is 1. labor saving, you are definitely saving time by having it built for you. 2. The clear and shallower lenses in the panel are much shallower than the Tamiya piece, which makes it easier to see the gauges from outside the cockpit. 


So, now the bad...as nice as it is, it still has a plastic, unpainted, look to it, maybe a dullcoat and some weathering will improve the look a bit. 


Conclusion, this is the nicest aftermarket panel besides Yahu, which in my mind still look nicer, but don't have as much 3-d effect to them. Its a tough call, in my personal opinion, having recently built the -1D, i dont think Tamiya Corsair needs this, as its only a marginal improvement. I will use it, mainly because I bought it already. Where I think this concept shines is for Hasegawa and Revell models that only give you a decal. For my next Revell Mustang or Hasegawa FW-190, I will definitely order one of each. I like the concept. 







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 I had a good look at them in Phoenix. I'm not impressed. Yahu is much better. The one thing I will say concerning the belts, the "paint" will Not chip or flake off. I twisted the heck out of them and they held up great !.......Harv

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Yahu looks like a finally detailed 2D picture of the real thing.   The Tamiya panel has much better surface detail.   It’s one drawback, as noted, is the clear piece that makes the instrument faces appear to far back.  I’m pondering eliminating this piece, gluing the instrument decals direct to rear of the Tamiya IP, and filling the openings with future.    Thoughts on this approach?   Should bring the dials sufficiently forward to avoid the “tunnel” appeared of the stock parts.   

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7 minutes ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Forget the Future.  Get a piece of thin PET packaging (from almost any product in any grocery, department, or DIY store).  Cut a piece of the PET the same shape as the panel, and sandwich it between the back of the IP and the decal.  It looks *exactly* like clear glass, with none of the unevenness you get from putting a liquid into a hole.

I thought about that but was concerned about the PET being too deep behind the thickness of the kits plastic IP.  Maybe I’ll look at sanding down the back of the IP a bit?   Decisions, decisions.  

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Interesting discussion Gents - I prefer to create my own instrument panels and use a drop of Future over each instrument face (after matt finish and weathering - dry brushing etc.). Each to their own - but, it is definitely interesting to see how others approach this interesting desire for realism!



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