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Miss the 80's?


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You're in luck. The musician Franck Hueso, known by his stage name "Carpenter Brut", makes music heavily influenced by that era. Synth/pop/rock.


Here's a couple of my favourites -




Hope somebody will find these tunes to their liking. He normally does music without vocals, but he had Mat McNerney sing "Beware the Beast". I highly recommend checking out the rest of his music as well.

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I miss the 1780's in terms of music. I am a classical nerd.

But as I get older I miss more and more the 1960-1970 muscle cars and the big Cadillac's with 500 cubic inch engines and 5,000 pounds weight. They were 19 feet long. Absolutely the most comfortable cars ever made. And so big if anything hit you it sort of bounced off, maybe dirtying the paint. The only cars bigger were the 6,000 pound Lincolns.

I still have my 1966 Corvette Stingray roadster,

I fondly remember my 1957 Imperial with the giant fins. No problem parallel parking that beast as I could use the rear fins as indicators where my tail was. 

I drove a '55 Chevy into the ground and that car was really a P.O.S. Could not take a corner without the tires peeling off the wheels and after about 70,000 miles the front ball joints would collapse. Same problem on the Pontiac's of that 1955-56 era.

Oh for the good old days with very few anti gun laws in Chicago. Ya need a gat? Ride a bus (or drive) to the border of Chicago and walk across the street to where all the gun stores were doing business. Walk in; point to a pistol, and say "Gimmie dat gat." pay the man the cash, he wraps it in butcher paper and tapes the package closed. Pays the man and take de gat and go home.

Oh, the music of that era really sucked. In the 1950's there was nothing on the radio except for love ballads where pimply 16 year old teenagers sang sad love songs whining about how they lost the love of their pimply 15 year old girlfriends. Music to vomit over. Fortunately Rock and Roll made its appearance and pretty well wiped the yucky love ballads. Love shmove, they all got pregnant, married and divorced before they were into their twenties. 

At least formula one road racing had its adherents back then. That was before NASCAR where the cars could only turn left.  

Keep on Trucking.


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X 3


We're not allowed to get political here, so let's just say I miss the tan & green jets at Heyford and Lakenheath, Suzanne Vega and discovering that cookery was more gratifying than my poor modelling skills! That's what the '80s mean to me. Oh, and doung my own mixes of 16473 Aircraft Gray to paint those Monogram ADCOM interceptors.


Like Stephen, I like Baroque music from the late 18thC, also 1970s progressive rock - what a spectacular decade, as was the 'nineties and the indie bands - but 1982-1987 was very wobbly.





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If we're talking musically, then I liked the early 80s. Very diverse and interesting. I started losing interest after about 84, and by the time we got to about 86/87, most chart music was garbage not too dissimilar to recent stuff (well, without that awful autotune nonsense) 90% of my record collection probably ranges from 1976 to 1983...the time frame of my first getting into music to my early teenage years. 


I'll certainly check out Carpenter Brut though. Currently enjoying Marble Skies by Django Django...another recent band inspired by many genres, including synth pop. Very good they are too!

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Like ST above, I was gonna say I miss being a teenager sometimes. Did a lot of fishing and goofing around, Mt.St. Helens blew up in 1980 (which was bad, but really interesting), Boston 3rd Stage tour in 87, learned to drive, re-built my first engine, built a lot of models, wasn't too bad, overall. A lot less responsibility and stress than I live with now!



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I do not miss the eighties but I do miss the musical creativity that was everywhere at the time. When we got a music show called Music Box on cable tv in 1984 or so I really enjoyed watching those musicvideos (not a fan of MTV). I am still a huge Ultravox/Midge Ure fan and (at that time) Kim Wilde was the most beautiful women in the world. :mental: :whistle: :thumbsup:


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