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Ukrain SU-27 ub DONE


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:wow: that's just superb.

Thank you


That looks fantastic! 



Terrific! I'm loving following this excellent build! Please keep it coming!




Steve S.

yes i will keep on going now time to fix some errors


Wow! Impressive work Mark - totally looks the bee's knees. 



thank you


Wow it's like paint just appeared on it in perfect crisp lines. MAGIC, it looks that good!

thanks i have used mrpaint for this build and aplied in fine layers and a lot off patience



Absolutely outstanding paint work. Just gorgeous!

Keep ‘em coming


Thanks Peter im also happy on how it turnd out because it aint simple

now going to try to paint the engine are and the metal part on the gun muzle



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How the heck did you do that? Think you need to do a tutorial video for us plebs. 

The camo or the exhaust


The camo is done with masks

the exhaust is done with alclad difrent shades and the first time i have tryd thatout



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