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1/12 Bristol Beaufighter Front Fuselage - scratch build


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I have decided that, with all the great builds emerging here, it's time to get on the wave...

But I warn you - this is a long-term project and the progress here will be sloooow...
My obsession with this Bristol's beast has started some 6 years ago (Thanks to HlavaXXII, a friend of mine...).
It was few years after I had returned to modelling after many years of doing other things.
First goal was to make a 1/33 paper model of this plane. 
But as I have started to look for the references, this happened to be a challenge in itself. And a lot fun too.
So after years of researching, with many ups and downs over the time, I've got a lot of references, a couple of new friends, some computer 3D models
and the persistent feeling that I need to do something with it, or it will end up in vain...
Time flies, you know...
Me inside TFC's Beau, July 2012:
So, what to do? 
A detailed, full 1/32 or 1/24 scale model was an option...
But then I saw a 1/12 F-104 cockpit on some modelling show. And that one has made me think...
And when I bumped into Jack Constant's amazing cutaways, which are made also in 1/12 scale, the decision was made.
Jack Constant's models are now in collection of Canada Aviation and Space Museum:
https://ingeniumcanada.org/ingenium/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=1998.0075.001, https://ingeniumcanada.org/ingenium/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=1998.0076.001
https://ingeniumcanada.org/ingenium/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=1998.0077.001, https://ingeniumcanada.org/ingenium/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=1998.0226.001
https://ingeniumcanada.org/ingenium/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=1998.0227.001, https://ingeniumcanada.org/ingenium/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=1998.0228.001
I haven't found any quality pictures online.
There's a great summary of his work in FineScale Modeler/May 1999, written by his son Alan Constant:
My heap of "Beau" references:
36891872394_04aa45e4cd_n.jpg 37570216112_76d787fe85_n.jpg 36891871634_2460cac6d0_n.jpg
There's a lot more of it on my harddrive.

So to finish my first WIP post, here are some real world and full scale examples of the subject:

Beaufighter Nose Section by David North, on Flickr

Bristol Beaufighter (A19-144) Photo 2 by Chris Young, on Flickr


There's hope I'll be back soon.  :)


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Jack Constant's creations (I shan't call them models) have at the same time and I'm talking about a spit second here inspired me and made me want to quit modeling forever.

That being said I wish you (what I'm thinking is going to be about 2-3 years) a most enjoyable time. I will be following your build thread if you decide to go that route.

Good luck. 



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Hello again!


Thanks a lot for the replies. I'll do my best to not to dissapoint.


There are some obstacles in my way though.

- I've never built anything like this before. So it all will be a 'trial and error' process all the way.

Any kind of help, hint or encouragement will be therefor appreciated a lot.

- I've got no proper workplace for now. Just my working table in the middle of our small flat. 

And I need to get some tools too. An update is needed.

- Spare time...


But I'm determined to overcome all this somehow. And my wife is aware of it too.  :rolleyes:


First, I need to start somehow.

So here's a 3D model of the Front Fuselage. It's not complete and detailed, just something to begin with:




Here's the real thing:

I think I will start with paper/cardboard. That's the material I'm used to work with.

I need to test the fit and make some templates out of it.

My plan is to use either metal, plastic or wood for the final model.

Whatever will work best. Full metal (litho, brass) would be ideal.

But I haven't decided yet what will be visible and what hidden under the skin.

Time will tell.


That's all for now.

I think I'll prepare some real thing next time.



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Well, I have to learn a lot from you first. But I'd like to see them both together.

Who knows, maybe whole Beau will meet Dora one day...  :rolleyes:

Please feel free to ask any questions. So do I ☺

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