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red Dog

DS Air to air refuelling: KA-6D&A-7E (A-7 finished on to KA-6D)

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Hello red Dog,


I'm currently working on the same part of the wings on my Monogram A-6 build and specifically focusing on the DECM bulges. Although Monogram included these bulges, they aren't exactly shaped correctly. I built mine up with Tamiya Light Curing Putty in the areas I felt the shape was deficient. The shape of the bulges is pretty complex so getting the contour just right may be a bit challenging and time consuming. I've literally been on this part of my build for quite some time as there is a lot going on in that area. Also, a note of caution. Both the left and right DECM bulges have small protrusions located at the front end. After many hours of staring at my reference material I noticed that their location is slightly different on each wing. One is located more inboard than the other. It's hard to tell but if you notice their location relative to the panel line adjacent to the protrusions It's easier to notice. However, I suppose there is a chance both protrusions are located symmetrically and It's the panel lines that are located differently and hence give that illusion.


Here is a pic that may help.






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Some of my KA-6D photos. For the tanker fleet, a blue flashing beacon light was installed on the NLG door.




Perhaps the upper flashing beacon (on the vertical tail) was colored blue also. I didn't photograph this area up close, but should be verifiable from other references.


Some more pictures of the tanker...https://imgur.com/a/FTf58

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Thank you Elmo and Rich, you guys have been most helpful


Elmo, your picture is quite interesting and leads me to believe that there is a problem somewhere with the kit (or me)


Looking at your picture:



the A-6E from trumpeter:



And my plasticard work (based on the trumpy picture:



It seems there is either a possible issue with the gear well position or the slat position. As you see on trumpeter parts if you want to make the DECM fit on the edges of the references point,

then the antenna is way too wide. It's particularily visible at the rearward edge angle.

granted, the trmpeter and my part aren't long enough but that doen't justify such a difference of width around the rear hinge of the gear door.


Nevertheless, the pictures were really helpful, thank you both

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Here is another pic that may come in handy. Notice how the outboard side of the antenna where the small panel lines are angles upward a bit.




Take a look at the pics in this link. There are plenty that show the antenna and Its unique shape.



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I didn't realize that Trumpeter got the shape wrong. From your's and Elmo's research, clearly the leading edge kink is too pronounced. And there is not enough clearance built in for the MLG door.


Another shape issue to watch for on the kit is the vertical tail fin cap. Fortunately, this is much easier to correct! Note that the top edge of the kit's vertical tail is parallel to the aircraft's longitudinal axis, when in fact it should slope down toward the front...





Hypersonic Models offer a replacement fin cap for the 1:48 Scale Hobby Boss Intruders, which suffer from the same shape issue. To my knowledge, no aftermarket replacement is available in 1:32, but it should be easy enough to correct using basic filing/sanding techniques.



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Got up-close to an A-6E yesterday and documented these pictures and measurements of the DECM antennas...




Hope this helps,


Rich (who's suffering from a strange fascination with Intruder lumps and bumps)

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That's awesome Rich, thank you very much for posting these

I'm afraid that fascination of yours is getting contagious :)


Much appreciated

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back on the bench after quite a bit of brainstorming :)


The build has slowed down as i needed to find the best possible way to fit the intruder on a pole.



. With the resin intakes and the seats and pilots, the beast is nose heavy. the pole will thus be thicker than for the corsair and the angle will be closer to the vertical to avoid shifting forward

. The centerline pylon will carry the buddy refuelling pod (resin as well and thus quite heavy and pretty long too)

. I want the supporting pole to be placed behind the buddy refuel pod and forward of the drogue reel assembly as i don't want the pole to conflict with the refuel hose going to the corsair.

. Of course the room available between the rear end of the refuel pod and the start of the reel system is very tight

. And of course that's the exact spot where inside the fuselage all the bulkheads meet for structure strenght.


So the main challenge will be to place the female cylinderof the supporting pole inside the fuselage, cutting the longitudinal engine bulkhead and the lateral strenghtening bulkhead to a new shape accomodating the larger cylinder.



the cylinder has been cut to shape and marks have been done in the bulkheads for cutting.




I decided not to cut before gluing the bulkheads in the fuselage - I was too concerned about alignement issues.

so i glued all parts inside the fuselage as normal and then started cutting to make room for the cylinder.

Then it was glued in place with reference marks to ensure that it wasn't placed with an angle that would screw up the stand later on.



The cylinder has then been secured in place with two components epoxy glue ensuring it would never move again (okay that's a bit messy...

) and the left side fuselage was adapted as well.


First try on display:

quick and dirty wood plank with a supporting pole at a rough angle that will allow me to further work on the model:



And of course i could not resist ....


angles & final height are not right yet, these will be settled with the final base.

But that's a huge display. I'm stupid to build models that i know there is no way i can store in my display cabinets.

When i started this project it was supposed to go on display at the LHS, but in the meantime that shop closed unfortunately....


Glad i'm past that stage, i can do modelling again, rather than attempts at poor engineering :)

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Guest Peterpools

Simply stellar work ..

keep ‘em comin


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thanks guys


Two major mistakes i made while i had to fiddle around with that internal mess


1. don't try to put the intakes in after having glued the engine longitudinal bulkhead - it works but you need to force them in. It's better to follow instructions and place them before gluing that long internal part


2. Since i'm closing the fuselage engine panels, i won't install the full engine ducts. Luckily the intakes are self sufficient and the engine nozzles have part of the ducts as well which are attached to the fuselage internals as well. So all good.

Just don't go gluing the nozzles to the fuselage before mating the wings - Be smarter than me, follow instructions :)



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Hi! The stand looks mighty epic! It definitely has an advantage regarding the storage space - I suppose you could always dismantle the models and store them as usual, like standalone models. And occasionally, on a greatest inspiration requirement basis perhaps, you could always assemble the stand with the models, and enjoy them. At least I do it that way for the flying settings...

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Yo dog, this is looking nice. I've been pondering for couple off years doing similar project but join it together with a single link. That's where things get bit complicated as the weight of first kit throws thing off balance. :(



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Well the stands you see on the picture above are temporary - allowing me to work on the models separately.

Ultimately i will have a single centrally wood base with the two rods going out to each aircraft.


at that moment i will work out the AOA of each aircraft by precisely angling each rod. I will also set the height of each model.

Even with the current height of the corsair, i feel the intruder is too high. But it's easier to cut the rod later than lenghten it :)


I can always revert back to support them separately and then they will probably fit my display cabinets, well i'll find a way later.


In the meantime, I'm in for some issues trying to close all these panels on the intruder belly.

To trumpeter's credit the instructions don't give you options to close all these panels. But they are clearly not meant to be closed. Front and rear engine doors are matching relatively good,but the middle door is 1 mm too long and it won't be easy to fit this one nicely.


Please note, the main gear rearward door need to be closed before the middle engine access door.


My biggest concern though is the retractable main gear door, that one really is useless and the curve don't match none of the fuselage curve, Maybe i should have glued this one before the front engine access door, but that's too late anyway.


i'm going to lose some hairs on that one :)

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This is interesting, I plan on closing the engine doors on mine so I will follow along. The Corsair build was fantastic and I am sure that this will be just as great!



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