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  1. Excellent attention to detail! You're obviously a perfectionist and the results of your work show it. Can't wait to see her finished.
  2. It may be cheap but it looks great! I really like the weathering effect you achieved, especially around the engine cowl area. Great job! -Elmo
  3. Fanch, The end results are nothing short of amazing! The paint/weathering effects are about as realistic as I've ever seen; you are extremely talented with an airbrush. I especially like the depth created by the filtering of colors and how it all blends together. Another nice touch is how the darker anti-glare paint applied over the top of the nose cone is worn away to show the base fuselage color.....Awesome!
  4. Fanch, Great work as usual! Out of curiosity, what technique did you use to represent the scratching and chipped paint on the gear? Also, the texture you applied to the tires looks very convincing; if we didn't know better, we'd think they were made of rubber. I'll definitely be using that technique on my models. -Elmo
  5. Very nice masking/paint work you've done; you can taste victory can't you? It's a great feeling when the majority of the hard work is done and you're at the point you can see the finish line up ahead. Great job on this beast! -Elmo
  6. Simply amazing; I wish I had half of your painting skills! -Elmo
  7. Anyone here have experience with Light Ghost and Dark Ghost Grey from MRP? I bought both colors to apply the Navy TPS on my current A-6 build but yet to get to the point where I need to use the paints. Also, I finally came across a supplier from which I sourced the same colors in the Mr. Hobby Acrylic line that everyone has always bragged about but are not available in the U.S. I did however find the Mr. Hobby lacquer based paints at my LHS but yet to use any of the three paint lines I've mentioned. That said, I'm curious if anyone here has experienced with all three paint lines and what their thoughts are? If you had all three at your disposal, which would you choose and how would you rank them? Thanks -Elmo
  8. Well look at the bright side, It's easier to (trim to fit) the doors than adding material to them and then having to blend the joint. Fitment of the forward doors may be a bit more challenging but I'm sure still within your level of expertise to accomplish successfully. -Elmo
  9. Here is another pic that may come in handy. Notice how the outboard side of the antenna where the small panel lines are angles upward a bit. https://photos.app.goo.gl/KlhE3Wk1NNRV2oHd2 Take a look at the pics in this link. There are plenty that show the antenna and Its unique shape. https://www.ipms.nl/walkarounds/walkaround-vliegtuigen-jets/560-walkaround-a6-intruder.html
  10. WOW......................pure excellence! I've only seen a few examples of weathering that I feel capture the look of the real thing; your model is one of them. The fading and blending of colors is an art form that not all of us have an eye for to create this level of weathering.......Great Job!
  11. Hello red Dog, I'm currently working on the same part of the wings on my Monogram A-6 build and specifically focusing on the DECM bulges. Although Monogram included these bulges, they aren't exactly shaped correctly. I built mine up with Tamiya Light Curing Putty in the areas I felt the shape was deficient. The shape of the bulges is pretty complex so getting the contour just right may be a bit challenging and time consuming. I've literally been on this part of my build for quite some time as there is a lot going on in that area. Also, a note of caution. Both the left and right DECM bulges have small protrusions located at the front end. After many hours of staring at my reference material I noticed that their location is slightly different on each wing. One is located more inboard than the other. It's hard to tell but if you notice their location relative to the panel line adjacent to the protrusions It's easier to notice. However, I suppose there is a chance both protrusions are located symmetrically and It's the panel lines that are located differently and hence give that illusion. Here is a pic that may help. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZGJOWrpvW7AjkTsC2 Regards -Elmo
  12. Hello Fanch, First off I want to say that I just found this WIP and I am absolutely amazed at your work. Your method for achieving the TPS scheme produces the most realistic results I've seen so far. The Salt Weathering and Black Basing techniques are good methods but in my opinion, not as good as liquid masking. I also appreciate the videos you've shared that show your techniques in action. I'll definitely be trying them soon I but know that I won't be able to achieve your results any time soon, or ever! I'm looking forward to the completed model and hopefully an article. Elmo
  13. Bryan, The weathering looks spot-on! However, I have a few questions. By the sheen of the paint it seems pretty obvious you applied the oil to a flat coat surface, is that correct? Also, what type of thinner did you use to blend the oil in? Thanks Elmo
  14. Chuck, Great work as usual; the exhaust area looks very convincing as does the rest of the model. When painting with Alclad, I've never used Black paint as a substrate and I have obtained great results as long as the plastic is super smooth before painting. However, looking at your pics, It does seem that using Black paint does provide more depth and looks better overall. Congrats on another fine build. Elmo
  15. Rich, "Mad" skills on display here. I'm always left wondering how you you obtain such high levels of perfection......guess there's something to be said about execution. This thread is by far the one I've learned the most from and eagerly await with great anticipation for the next update. Keep up the great work Rich! E.
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