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  1. not yet...sorry. Maybe in the future. Cheers Kai
  2. Hi Mark, thanks. I am glad you like it. The wheels are made the same way as the parts for the Nozzle. With a huge cnc maschine. First we made a fullscale scan from the real 1:1 scale wheel and designed a 1:32 scale version. The details are amazing. Even the small parts like the bolts and the air filling connector is made seperate. It isn`t shown in that picture but you will see it when i continue with the gear. Cheers Kai
  3. I was involved in that deck too...it is awesome. The problem is, Pitzmodels isn`t operational right now. So you can`t contact him or find the Website. But he will be back! But...it could need a little time. Right now, he is working on it. I will let you know as soon as he is back in business. Cheers Kai
  4. Talking about this "little" guy? Don`t worry...we are working on that! 1:32 vs 1:18 Both are prototypes and not yet available...but let`s see what the future will have for us Cheers Kai
  5. Thank you guys. I am glad you like it. The Engine is pure fun to build. Cheers Kai
  6. It isn`t easy to take pictures of it...because the parts are soooo small. But from that angle, you will see that these parts are not ordinary photo etched parts. They have the correct deepness and thickness like the real parts and this isn`t possible with photo etched parts. This image shows the same parts you was talking about. These parts are the hinges on the inner side of the Feathers. The second image shows one of the parts for the Turbine section from another angle. Cheers Kai
  7. Oh...these parts are no photoetched parts! The only photoechted parts are the Feathers itself. Everything else is made out of aluminium plates to get the correct deepness of the parts. Look closer to the first images. You will se that all the parts (incloding the bolts, Turbine and Hinges are made of real aluminium. The marks around that parts are created by the milling cutter. Cheers Kai
  8. Some parts (like the Feathers) are treated with a hot flame from a gas burner. This will create an amazing look and so you can create the same silver, gold shine like the real Engine Feathers. When you treat the parts with the flame, the parts will become very dark. This is the color that will remain on the side for the Feathers (The area that move into each other when the Nozzle closes). The main surface on the Feathers will be sanded with very, very fine sandpaper. This will bring back the main color of the Feathers. But due to the heat you used before, it has an amazing and authentic color. Depending on the light (like the real one) it looks more silver or golden. Cheers Kai
  9. After a quick wash with oil and grime I attached the Feathers. Beside some washes, I have not used any paint on that!! And you don`t need any paint on that outer parts! The inner section will be painted later on... Then I started the Turbine section. I painted that part with acrylics and used again various washes. The completed Turbine section. Don`t take a closer look ate the Exhaust duct. It isn`t done so far and I attached it just for the image. Later today I will continue with the Exhaust duct weathering...stay tuned. I hope you like it so far.... Cheers Kai
  10. Here comes another update... I couldn`t continue with the Landing Gear because I had to start working on the F110 Engine. I didn`t used the kit engine or the Aires set...I received something much better... Ladies & Gentlemen...this is the Pitzmodels prototyp for the Tamiya F-16 kit. The aft Turbine section and the Exhaust duct is made of resin. All the other parts are metal. The details are amazing and it went together more than smooth. Ok, enough words...here are some images of the parts. I hope you like it. Cheers Kai
  11. Thanks guys. Right now, I am working on the main gear wheel well. Not much to see at this time...but I will post more update images during the next few days. Thanks again for all your kind words. I am glad you like my project. Cheers Kai
  12. Hey Volker, your D looks awesome! I had the 1:18 scale Cat too...but sold it a few years ago . This huge Cat needs a loooot of work and I spent so many years on my 1:32 scale Cat...I couldn`t handle it again. But if I see your D, I think I made the wrong decision. Ok, now it`s too late. But it is great to see that big bird coming together after several modifications. Too bad, I never catched the VF-2 D`s in action. When I was on Cruise with the Bounty Hunters, the Tomcat was gone and VF-2 had converted to VFA-2 and received the F/A-18F. I love the Super Hornet, but she can`t beat the Tomcat. I was lucky enough to catch the last Tomcats (VF-31 / 213) onboard the CVN-71 during the last Tomcat Cruise. I will never forget the sound of the Tomcats on the catapult. Damn...I miss that birds. Can`t wait to see your bird 100% complete. As I said, I never catched the VF-2 Tomcats on a Carrier, but I catched that birds during a unique weather situation at the AMARG. If you need something special for your Cat, let me know. Viele Grüße aus Frankfurt, Kai
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