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Canada's Most Decorated Soldier: William Barker and His Snipe


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I recently received the WNW Clerget Camel specifically because I wanted to model Squadron Commander William Barker's Sopwith Camel...but first I had to build his Sopwith Snipe! This is my first WNW kit in years, and it was a really satisfying build. Pheon Decals, Tamiya paints, E-Z line, the new Vallejo Metal paints (awesome and odorless), and the little red devil from the Camel kit. If any of you have the Clerget Camel and aren't building Barkers version, I'd love an extra devil!


Cheers, Tom











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Gorgeous. Love the seat belt, the tones on the wings and of course the wood effect.


Jim, thanks! The seat belt was the kit etched offering annealed and painted with acrylics and a Flory wash. I was surprised how well they turned out, since I usually struggle with these. The wings were freehand painted, leaving the undercoat exposed at the ribs.


Cheers, Tom

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Thanks! The kit was a bit of a learning curve for me: unlike a WWII subject, almost all of the parts were painted and decaled before assembly. I'm just glad the fit was amazing.


Cheers, Tom

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