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Tamiya 1/32 P-51D Passion Wagon

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For the chipping I used the hairspray method.


Primed, sprayed Alclad (I think from memory), hairspray (cheap $2 a bottle stuff), primed black, base coat, then water to reactivate the hairspray.


I used toothpicks, Tamiya paint stirrer for scratches and a series of thicker/slanted hard bristle brushes for the more aggressive stuff..


For the different tones in the color I used Mig/Ammo panel line washes, but stippled on and/or streaked plus some underlying variation in the base paint when I did the marbling. Could have gone more aggressive I think.

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Very nice. Not often we see one "in action" with a pilot.

Thanks Bill! 


I do all my aircraft this way - with a pilot, inflight. I've got quite a few experiments underway to make this more realistic. Apart from the Spitfire, I have a Wingnut Wings Albatros in flight banking sharply, an Airfix P-40B in a steep climb, and a few others..including using shadow boxes. 


I've also done an 1/48 F-22 firing a missile with LEDs in the tailpipes: 






Next after the Spitfire is either/or a Mig-29 (GWH) or Mig-31 (AMK) in flight, using a "Blur" background...

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