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  1. Lookin good. Figure painting is a whole different monster.....jeff
  2. Thats insane... for $425 it better shoot planes and rub my shoulder. Jeff
  3. To get in on the debate about the "ripple effect" ive seen alot of birds in and out of service, and ive seen deformed panels. Not over the entirety of the a/c but in certain areas. I'm in no way a scientist or an engineer but I would assume at the speeds these planes are reaching just the friction from the passing air would cause certain panels to heat and thus become deformed.... but what do i know. Either way i look at what we all do as art more than anything and there are no rules etched in stone for art. Going to look great no matter what! Jeff
  4. What in the world are the streaks that appear to originate from the leading edge on the dirty bird in the middle? Jeff
  5. Cant wait to see more. Ive been wanting to tackle this paint scheme myself. Jeff
  6. I agree...build is very clean also. Jeff
  7. Looks good. How long did it take just to cover that piece?
  8. Thanks. Its pretty sparce so im gonna do my best to hide it under the canopy. The seats are the main things visible. Although it looks like im gonna have to raise the rio. Looks way too low. Jeff
  9. Turn it into a forgotten deralict. In some god awful wasteland.. sounds like where KH's head was at when the engineered it anyway. Jeff
  10. I do believe ive found my victim...
  11. Yep... got it off a russian arms dealer.
  12. A small update. Got some of the pit finished up. I was debating going all out and scratch building some of the "forgotten" detail but out of laziness decided to throw it together and leave the canopy down as there is no detail on them either. Slowly makin my way to prime and paint!! Jeff
  13. Just a couple more photos I also have the radar ant. set if anyone would like them as i will never apply them. Too many little hands around my house. They would never last!!
  14. Yes sir you are correct. Lets call it a "what if".
  15. That is pretty awesome scratch building. Jeff
  16. Hello Mat... off topic a bit but ive enjoyed your reviews, videos, and colorful banter and have always wondered... what do you do with your works when they are completed?
  17. Took me a second to get it... most likely a U.A.E.U.A.V., United Arab Emirates Urban Assault Vehicle. Theyre the only ones who can afford to chop up a Ferrari!!
  18. The white walls and interior are whats killing my mojo on it. Ive got the interior built and primed just cant decide what to do with it... btw i completely destroyed the windshield while i was trimming it to fit. So its on hold right now.
  19. Haha... thanks guys. Wait till i throw some spare mavericks on it. Two men enter one man leaves!
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