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1/32 Fly Hurricane MkIIb in Russian Service

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This is my first build over here. I'm building a Fly 1/32 Hurricane MkIIb in Russia during the winter.


Here's my reference pic.



I have the Miniart refueller kit in 1/35 to add a bit more to the dio and as per the photo.


I started with the cockpit framework and encountered a fair bit of seamlines that took quite some effort to clean up. Took about an hour to get to the first stage.



PE was added



Then the resin seat



And a few more bits of PE and we're ready for some paint


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Looking forward to see your build evolve. I am working on the Mk I at the moment and it has a lot of flash to clean up. Some parts

look like featureless blobs of plastic. I hope your kit is better.

I think the moulds are the same Cees. Like you say lots of featureless parts. The instructions however show them with details. Go figure that?

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  Great start to a shall we say a rather challenging kit.  You did an excellent job on the cockpit tub especially since there are almost no alignment aids. I'll be following along with great interest as you work your way through this build.



I viewed the instructions further ahead then backtracked to get the bits to align. As soon as you start #1 has you put the control into position on the frame however you need to turn the page to see a connecting bar locates with a hinge and the control. I put the hinge, then the bar then the control and we had alignment.


Its a challenge for sure especially since my previous build was Tamiya!

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