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1/32 Fly Hurricane MkIIb in Russian Service

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So here's a little secret. Whilst trying to clean up the control stick I managed to break it and the top section got eat by the carpet monster. Luckily I had another Fly Hurricane with the IIC so grabbed that one as a replacement. Now I had 2 kits and 1 stick so best see what I could find...


Grey Matter have just the thing so got 2 sets of their replacement sets.



The seat was much nicer also



So original seat and control stick replaced.



And set about adding the PE and resin to the side walls



Installed the exhaust housing blanks and bumps.


Did some test fitting of the fuselage and cockpit and with a bit of forward planning on what and when to glue should all go in OK.


Oh another instruction cockup sees no refs for the exhaust plates. A matter to look around the sprue's and see what looks like the parts. Also the instructions show rivets and details but the parts and PE have nothing!



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Guest Peterpools


Nice save for sure. Very nce start on the front office.

Keep 'em coming


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   Not only was it a great save with the Gray Matter replacements, but the new parts looks so much better.


   Looking forward to your next update.



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After the upgrade with the seat and stick I found the thread on here from Quang with his excellent Spinning Wild build. and have since ordered a Yahu instrument panel from the big H. Should be here tomorrow, so the pit is on hold and I turned to the wings



These turned to a few hours wrestling match to get the resin landing lights to fit and the wings to close up. I also found out the port wing under side was about 1mm longer at the tip than the top so after the glue had dried a lot of fettling was required to bring it back to the top and maintain a thin edge


After that I took another hour or so taking the pour block off the undercarriage bay.



And fitting in place whilst checking I had sufficient clearance with the fuselage.




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