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SA330 Puma Rijkswacht (federale police)


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Hello im in for these one i will try to finnish it in time at this moment im building more armour but i whant to build one like this longer


The SA330 in service of the Belgium federale police from 1973 to beginning of the 90s

I remember the good old days when the where flying over our home and it whas a wonderfull sight

We had 3 and whent tru difrent modifications tru the years


So this is the one.




The kit that i will use will be the revell kit.



I have this kit for diffrent years now so i whas suprised when i opend the box to find this.




Yes 2 kits in one box


I will try to pimp this kit by scratch build some detiails so far the only aftermarket i found are the landing gear

But i have this for the pit




The decals will be home made so i hope i can pull it off

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I did the GO-2 a long time ago.

Daco made a decal sheet for the letters and stencils,pehaps available if request by email.

Only the black marking, printed on decals laser print.

Thanks for thé info Will sent him e-mail



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Very nice choice of subject Mark. Your reference picture shows some fantastic smokey weathering on the tail of the bird which should be fun when you get that far.


I look forward to seeing how this one turns out.



Yes i know but iff i look to the kit and my ref pics there will be a lot of work to get it done in 6 months (this kit is old)

But we will se how far we get.

Will start soon on the pit



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ok off we goi have takena good look at the kit just to see what i have to do.

And man its a lot to get this one good.


I found the year off the moulds in one off the parts.




The front ip from the box.



And a part off the tail its a good base to detail further so we will see how far i can go.




I have some PE mesh to cover the holes so it will look beter but more later on



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Guest Peterpools

Hi Mark

Gee, I wish I was only 36 years old.

Sure looks as if you have your work cut out.

I'll be following and no questions that you will come out the winner

Keep 'em coming


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