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SA330 Puma Rijkswacht (federale police)


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I see the PUMA  flying over here so this is one  I will like to see.   When I used to go to Immingham ports they have the PUMA Flying checking the ships that have docked in the harbor .  


your work on the instrument panel  is quality work. 


Nice CLEAN work on the tail section  too.


:yahoo:  :thumbsup: 


Keep up the excellent  work. 



I'm a regular visitor to Immingham port. To be sad, I just left it 3hrs ago. The only thing flying out there at the moment is the klm flight into Humberside and the occasional off-shore flights.

Never seen anything else checking the vessels alongside exept bugs in summer and birds all year round.


It's going to be a nice Puma! a great start.

Maybe its just vision but it looks like the box-art has much bigger sponsooms than the Rijkswacht chopper at your pics and the daco sheet?


I've got a KH dauphin waiting to be build as the pilot helicopter of Le Havre.


Happy modeling Bas

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Interesting subject and fantastic progress - I admire your guts and patience

with the rivets. Once finished it will look stunning!!!



Thanks Lothar

This one will be a test with the rivets for a futher project


And yes when the paint go one it wil be onother sight for the rivets but that have to wait for a long time i think



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