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P-38 Lightning, Revell 1/32

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Thanks Shaka, Mike and Mark! :)


I used a clear sprue to make lights.






Polished some.




As can be seen, the sprue had a hollow middle, or perhaps a bubble, that needs sorting with CA glue and some more polishing.

Need to get some new glue first though. :)


I added some weigth to the empty engine room.




Now I just need to add weight to the mid section, which have to wait till cockpit is glued in place.



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I put together the other boom and inserted wheel well and engine.




and the front.




Typical Revell copyright marking :)




Not hard to remove, but I've seen worse placements.




Really enjoying following along with your work - great stuff!  Question for you - did you put any weight into the engines to help prevent tail-sitting?



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Coming along very nicely Hakan.  It's good to see what can be done with these old classic kits.


I do wonder why Revell copyright statements are not somewhere inconspicuous such as inside a wing half.  The worst I had was on a certain biplane's elevator (no names no pack drill): easy to remove the copyright statement, not so easy to restore the fabric effect which was very well done on the kit.

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