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IAF AH-1 Tzefa F


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Thank you one and all.


Still working out how to take acceptable pictures with my iPhone.  Also still plugging away between Honey-Do Projects.


Pilot's Instrument Panel.  Two left side small dials and the Horizon are from a cast Bf109 IP.  The rest are from the extra parts found in the Academy SUFA kit.



Other side.  Don't look too hard or you'll notice it's all pretend.



In situ.



Other side.


Thank you for stopping by and commenting.



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No visual update, I'm afraid.  I've been working on the Heads Up Display.  The box is complete with an MV lens.  The MV lens makes it look cool, I think.  But because it is made of white styrene the picture is washed out.  Using  diffused or or indirect light doesn't help a bit.  I made one glass carrier which I'm molding so I have two that are the same size.  This will allow better alignment of the 'glass' than making two separate carriers.


Thank you Alan.  Lots of sanding to get everything as thin as can be.  How's the A-4 going?


Thank you, Jim.  It's the first IP I've ever done.  It's not something I usually do.  I've seen others do IPs and I marvel at how they can do it.  I look at ericg's IP for his Mirage and I am flabbergasted.


Thank you, Richard.  No worries.  I was late to your Typhoon party as well.  So we're even!  Not much more to do before I paint.  Most of the 'heavy lifting' scratch-building for the cockpit is done.  The seats and AC venting can be put in after painting.  The gunner IP will be done after I arrange the shape of the front canopy area.  I've got two Bf109's and the Mustang waiting in the paint shed.  I'm looking forward to painting.  I'll be painting for awhile, I suppose.


Thank you, Mike.


Thank you, Scotsman.  I certainly don't mean to be intimidating.  I've had lots of practice scratch building.  Early on, when my focus was Israeli armor, and before all of the new available kits, if one wanted something you had to modify an existing kit.  Which, eventually, is what I ended up doing.  I didn't start out scratch-building whole assemblies or anything.  I did little things.  I still do little things.  If you look at what I've done here it's all just an accumulation of little things.


Thank you for looking in and for your comments.



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Thank you, Brother Bear!  Your Spit looks terrif!


I resolved the white balance problem by removing the black base.  A Walk-A-Round of the Heads Up Display:


Knobs are made from hex rod.



MV Lens #116 as the lens.



Frame is made from .010 x .020 strip, molded then cast.



Glass holders are .010 x .010 strip glued to frame.



Glass is clear acetate sheet.



Just set in place.  Front view.



Back view.  Hole is for the cable.



In the cockpit.  Pardon the dirty eraser.



Another view.


Thank you for your comments and continued interest.




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Guest Peterpools

Brother Bear

Holy Cow, absolutely incredible work The gun sight is a gem and when mounted on top of the IP, geez; just brilliant work.

Keep 'em coming


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