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Tamiya F4U-1A - irate Donald Duck


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For my next build l'll use Tamiya's last releaded kit in 1/32 – Kit #60325. Newly released aftermarket parts are still in the pipeline and hard to get. Some stuff can be used from the F4U-1 Birdcage and modified a little. Especially viewed at the Eduard PE parts l plan to use.


source: own pic



Material Used for my build:

Tamiya 60326 F4U-1A Corsair

Eduard 632019 F4U-1 wheels – die Gummipuschen von Tamiya sind nix.

Eduard 632343 F4U-1 engine.

Eduard 632781 F4U-1 interior S.A.

Eaglecals EC-161. The Decal-Template „Irate Donald Duck“ l plan to use a paintmask.




Mein neues Projekt verschlägt mich wieder in den Pazifik, genauer zu den Neuseeländern. Die 18.Squadron der RNZAF

„White 48“ – IRATE DONALD DUCK - of 18.Squadron RNZAF on Bougainville 1944.


Source: Eaglecals Decalsheet preview EC-32161


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As a "real modeller" l did not start with step 1 in the manual. Instead of that l jumped to Step 40 - the assembly of central wing with the intercooler. The discussion about the real moulded variant - early -1A vs. late -1A. Part number R24 with a moulded slot compared to the upper part x18 (cut away sprue tag).

early -1A had the same engine as the Birdcage. From example #551th the engine R-2800-8 became the R2800-8W with water/methanol injection.





edit: that different part hold the field mod pylon.

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Some pics of the start of after I begun with Step 40 with the centre wing parts. The housing of intercooler/oilcooler is just layed in until I airbrush it and put them together in the final wing assembly.




After clueing the sidewall oft he wheelbays I noticed a tool pin which I laminated with a fixing PE part out of the junkbox.




assembled inventory of centre wing with lower wing part, ceiling of whell bay the upper wings and cooler air intakes.


Assembled look of the parts still just put together w/o glueing. The fit is a dream.


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Today l was in doubt about the landing light arrangement of NZ Hogs until l found a pic of NZ5262 which bears a underwing light.





the outer wing section after the rough built. The fit of central wing and outer wing is more than excellent. Though thats my 2nd Tam Cors l'm again impressed by its engineering. Tomorrow l'll add the six God's own calibre which l'll make of brass tubes and injection.






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