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The old Mosquito Restoration Project

Chris Wimmer

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Hi everybody on LSP!

I must confess that I wasn't really a fan of the "Wooden Wonder" before. It rather happened on that one of the many evenings I scrolled down the 1:32 ebay content and suddenly spotted this old beauty. Built by a child in the 1970s, sitting there without its wheels and absolutely sorry looking- instantly my fingers began to itch like crazy and it took me only a few seconds more to buy the wreck at 5 Euros with the burning wish to bring it into a new life.

I joined this community yesterday, the build started about one year ago after I finished my "Another ole Revell Jug". You can search the "Articles"-section for it (or simply let Google do the job). Be warned that I'm a quite slow builder and my name is not Brian Cauchi, but I will try to do my very best...

Here we go!









Now I feel honoured introducing you to the pilots of DZ 353. After 40 years in service I will release these guys into their well deserved retirement. They asked me to let them follow this build   :)    Does anybody know their names?




The next step was sawing and milling the whole thing into pieces. Ouch, this really makes UGLY noises...




Ok, let's start construction. Not perfect, but good enough to my 47 years old eyes




Made a new seat...




Cockpit stuff. I love to place coins only to impress my non-modelling friends...










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Thank you, Kev! Had to learn that the upload limit is 10 pics. So here I have got something more to show:



Applied some paint. The green tone I used first turned out to be wrong. I tried to fix the problem and did a lousy brushing job...  :whistle:




the control column is wrong in shape. But somehow I like it. It's old Vintage Revell style, isn't it?





I bought-and-sold another Mossie kit only to copy the wheels. Afterwards I found that they appear too big. They are >37mm in diameter and I don't really want to use them. I couldn't find any information about the Mosquito's actual wheel-size. Can anybody help me out here?




Some detail work on the gear bays...




...and the engine compartment




Ok, the next thing to come was a real challenge: Taking the ugly revell block and trying to turn it into something that looks a bit like a Rolls Royce Merlin engine. The valve covers are epoxy casts from the Hobbyboss Spitfire Vb Kit. Good enough to my eye. More detail to be added...





Thanks for watching  :)


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You certainly have your work cut out for you. I know you'll make a real jam-up job of the re-build though! I look forward to watching.



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Canopy Stuff:

If you want to do a glass nose Mosquito and if you are smart, patient and less miserly than I am, you will probably wait for the future HK-release. But if someone out there has intentions to do one of the new old Revell Kits, I highly recommend not to use the kit canopy. My Mossie will have the Squadron replacement, and this is an enormous improvement, even it's not properly fitted yet:













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