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  1. Hi Kent, I'm loving what you're doing with the cutaway. My Catalina build is currently stalled as I've distracted myself with a 1/16 King Tiger armour build. However, I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. If it's anything like your B25 it will be stunning. The step in the fuselage picture shown on the previous page is an issue I found with my kit. (The picture is of my build from the large scale modeller forum.) I was going add some plastic to the shorter step and blend it with the other half. I don't think it would be too difficult to achieve. Keep up the great work Paul
  2. Hi Miloslav, Thanks for your reply. I had thought that it might be a separate engine set as I believe CMK was developing a kit. Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Miloslav, What a great project - I'm enjoying watching this come together. I also have the Special Hobby Tempest and have been adding a/m sets. I'd really like to know where you bought your engine set. Thanks for your help Paul
  4. Count me in - I'd certainly be interested in a new nose section. Paul
  5. Great to see this kit being modelled. It's no small undertaking (I have my own on the work bench which has taken second place to my Trumpeter 1/16 King Tiger - both really big projects) but a very impressive project. Seeing your build come together could well get my inspiration going again. One thing I would suggest is to make sure you get the fuselage halves matching first at the join line and then get the formers to fit correctly. You can see what I mean if you have a look at my build progress to date over at the Large Scale Modeller WIP forum. All the best Paul
  6. Hi Anthony, What a great project. I have been working on this kit on and off and can offer some suggestions if it would help. Before starting any interior make sure the primary airframe components fit together well. I spent quite some time sanding the fuselage halves on a large flat tile to ensure they edges match nicely. Further, each fuselage frame needs to be individually fitted to match the interior profile. With respect to the -5 RNZAF Cat the nose w/w needs to be removed and replaced with a truss structure to which the pilot's seats are mounted. (Check out the Pensacola cut away Cat on the Seawings website.) The main gear w/w need to be removed and the internal layout in that area changed as a result. Again, the Pensacola Cat has some good reference pics. And lastly, the forward turret needs to be modified/rebuilt to reflect the twin machine gun configuration with bubble top. Having said this, the kit is amazing and, despite being a huge project, very rewarding. I think you'll be able to build something stunning. I haven't gotten round to starting a build thread here but you may find it helpful to have a look at my thread on LSM. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Paul
  7. Hi Derek, Four more years have done by. Is it time to take the forward cockpit out of the tub of ammonia? Great build so far - I've enjoyed reading your posts. Paul
  8. gfiend


    Hiya, I have this kit and have been slowly (very slowly) making a start. It's a fantastic kit but no small undertaking, particularly if you don't have much spare time. If anyone is interested I've got a build thread running over at Large Scale Modeller in the work in progress forum. Cheers Paul
  9. Wolf Buddee, I always enjoy reading your updates - there's no shortage of inspiration from your posts. If I may I'd like to know the location of the previous photo. The reason I ask is that it looks like it was taken at the Avspecs hangar in Auckland on the day that the Mosquito rolled out of the hangar. If so, I was there that day. I was on a three hour layover between flights and the Captain I was flying with suggested we kill some time and head out to Ardmore aerodrome to see the mosquito rollout. On arrival we got speaking to the photographer who said words to the effect of "If you think the mosquito's nice wait till you see what comes out of that hangar over there." Being somewhat clueless we thought that perhaps there may have been another warbird previously kept under wraps. But no, two smoking - and I mean smoking - hot models appeared for the photo shoot. Everyone's jaws just hit the floor. Of course, my colleague, being somewhat smooth, was the one chatting to them as the shoot was being planned. I just stood there like a lame duck gobsmacked. Sigh... Keep up the fantastic work Paul
  10. Great work, Chris. I'm really enjoying the updates. It's a shame that IMCTH won't be releasing any more kits like this (Anyone, please feel free to correct me on this.) as I was rather hoping for a Spitfire or a Stuka. Regardless, you're providing plenty of inspiration. Paul
  11. What we need is for someone to spend vast quantities of time building the Tigger Models vac-formed model. Within moments of the finishing touches being applied the chances increase exponentially of a manufacturer announcing their release of a 1/32 Dornier 17. Paul
  12. gfiend

    HpH News

    Hi all, First off, I'm awed that anyone would kit an Me 323 Gigant in 32nd scale. I imagine building it would be somewhat similar to climbing Everest, not to mention what one would do with it once built. But what an awesome journey it would be. I really like HPH products - at the moment I'm working on their PBY-5a Catalina and I'm enjoying it hugely. (My slow progress can be viewed over at Large scale modeller.) The kits do seem to have their quirks. For example, the numbered parts in the parts lists don't always equate to those same parts in the assembly instructions. This can cause some confusion and it is absolutely essential that time is spent working out where everything goes before gluing is started. An assembly strategy must be in place as you must plan several steps ahead to avoid shooting yourself in the foot later in the build. I'm aiming to ensure my fuselage halves are prepped and matched before I begin assembling the interior. And yes, there are some potential alignment issues. So, despite the huge amount of preparation and patience involved, this is a wonderful kit that is beautifully cast with fantastic detail. However, it is definitely not a shake and bake special. Here's to the 323 - bring it on!! Paul
  13. Hi Chuck, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your build threads. I first stumbled across one of your build threads when I was searching for information on the Trumpeter A10. Wow, did I hit paydirt!! What a magnificent build and superb reference for when I build my own. (With a young family and a demanding job it's not likely to be any time soon.) I've also followed your Mustang build in Fine Scale Modeller - what an inspiration!! Truly a level to aspire to. Please keep the information and tutorials coming as I always come away learning something new. All the best for your post op recovery. Paul
  14. Hi Rich, Really nice job!! I really like the wear and tear of heavy use you've portrayed. Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Brian, The chocolate hasn't lasted long in my HPH kits either. How's the fit of the parts? I'm working (slowly) on the Silverwings Bristol Bulldog and am learning to make sure everything fits before even thinking about glue. Having said that, I enjoy the process of building a resin kit, even though there is a lot more work involved. I'd also like to know if anyone could suggest a cleaner available in NZ that would be suitable for resin. Dave J, what will you use for your big Cat? Thanks for the help. I always enjoy your builds. Paul
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