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B-17 "Flying Fortress" - 1/32 by HK Models, Eduard, Profimodel


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Hello @ all from Germany! 


I want to show you my built of the big B-17G "Flying Fortress" in the large scale 1/32 by HK Models. I am using several etched parts from Eduard and parts from Profimodeller. Decals are coming from Kitsworld.


Please accept my excused for my English - it is ok so far, but the technical words concerning airplanes are mostly missing..... I will try my best :)



I have started with the floor of the Cockpit where I installed a new floor (later - wood). This is made of plastic card. In the front part there is a photo etched part added on the floor for building the round turnable part on the floor. It will become also wooden design later. The center console of the cockpit is new detailed with Eduard parts as well as the entrance to the cockpit in the nose.
In the nose I added some wire and cables as well as the turning mechanism on the floor.
The sides of the cockpit received a plane made of magic sculp.
After the mounting of all parts so far I started with a painting of some "mostly used" areas in the cockpit (floor, seat frames, ...) in Aluminium before I added some salt on these areas.After its drying I airbrushed the interior in Lifecolor's interior green. The planes on the sides were painted in several olive green tones, the wooden floor in beige before adding the wooden decals on it. After that further etched parts (prepainted ones by Eduard) were added.
Now further parts will be installed before the whole interior will receive some washings.
I hope you like it... one more B17...
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My Friends ..............We have a New B-17 build to drool over   WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!!


    Ok enough welcome ...now the 3rd degree

     What markings?

     NMF  or camouflaged?

     Bombay open ? 

     That's a start   more to come


     Looks like a very good start    keep the pictures coming


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Hello @ all! 


Thank you so much for the warm welcome! It is a pleasure being here with so many great airplanes and great works!


I must say it is my first airplane at all.... :) 


The color will me NMF - no camouflage I think. I am still not 100% shure between "Texas Raiders" and "Yankee Lady" ... one of these two .... :) 


Bomb Bay open, rear door on the side open for a better view inside..... and the complete airplane on a airport base with a mirror part on the floor for a better view inside the bomb bay.... maybe, if this would be possibe - I am not quiet shure how to display it later...... :) 


Very kind regards



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Michael     This is your FIRST  aircraft kit?     " Sir I tip my hat to you"!    You are off to a Fabulous start and please continue


                  With someone building this kit as their first and another foiling his first, HK has inspired some to try something new.

                  So even with some issues the kit and it's size have opened new heights to some 



     Great Effort


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Hello... :) 


Yes it is the first aircraft... normally I make ships (Bismarck 1/200) or tanks... and some trucks.... and now some airplanes .) (See here: http://www.world-in-scale.de).

Let's go on a little bit. .... :) 
The instruments received "glasses" with Micro Crystal Clear. All colored Eduard etched parts and the decals received a painting with matt clear coat to save the decals during the next painting steps.
But before - I have added the belts on the seats. These are etched parts by Eduard consisting of several parts. The belts were glued on the seats, first decals were added.
Some further smaller parts were mounted before I fixed the components together... :
... a "lifecolor" dose to show the size of the cockpit section...:
After 1-2 days of drying I will start with the washings made of brown, white and black oil colors.
Until that we will start wtih the bombs, the bomb rack, etc....
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O.K. I took a look at the link you put up and now I understand why your first aircraft is coming out so well.  You may be new to aircraft but you're definitely not new to difficult modeling.  Your finished models on your link are absolutely phenomenal and first rate all the way.  Your weathering is incredible.  I'm so glad you decided to make one of these monsters.  

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