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  1. Hope its ok to post this here, just wanted to announce our new hobbyshop now open in Cartersville GA . We dont have an online site,as there are plenty of those. Hope to see some local modelers pay us a visit. Current paint selection is Model Master, Testors, and AK Real colors. We have lots of open kits at great prices as well. We also carry some trains, toys and collectibles.. bring the Mrs too! we have a side for her as well! His & Hers Hobby Shop 1350 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy ste 103 Cartersville GA 30120 also please like and share our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hisherhobbyshop/
  2. I do, and yes it is off as stated. and the split turrets will be alot harder to fix than even the Minicraft ones were. very thick with connect pin tunnels IN the clear area as well.
  3. I didnt say there wasnt an issue with it, but to make the statement that its the most distinctive part of the plane is just obviously being over dramatic ..noone hears 'B24" and instantly thinks of its wing roots.
  4. having just read through this entire thread..I cant believe someone actually said the wing root is the most distinctive part of this plane. Thats like checking out a girl and commenting on her elbows. The B24 ,with its big fat nose ,twin tails and long wings has been my favorite WWII bomber , and I didnt notice the wing root until pointed out... but the first thing I did look for were the turrets construction (built enough Minicraft kits) ,and to me they failed on this kit. I doubt any AM companies except perhaps in vac form will tackle the clear parts , and so far ,those have sucked when it comes to turrets and complex canopies. They just never fit right (because theyre always formed 'over' the original part)
  5. The US distributor (MMD) imposed a strict MAP pricing of the MSRP on this kit. Noone is allowed to sell below it ..else they will not be able to buy from them anymore.
  6. I already cant figure out where id put the 1/72 model if I built it...much less space for this beast,...but I will have to say..I paid $1200 for the 42" Rebel Blockade runner, and this B36 looks to be of better quality than the BR was...id say its a great price for a limited run kit . Though I thought I read its made of fiber glass ,not resin.
  7. thanks Kev for that .. I wonder, watching the Flory video, he mentions that AK had sent out a bad batch of some of their products, and I think he was refering to this stuff..is it possible you received the bad batch since you got them when they first came out? also, just to mention, I was going to buy some now ,and try them out, which I ran across this ebay listing (hope its ok to link) but they were so cheap I couldnt resist..$10 for 5 of them! http://www.ebay.com/itm/AK-Interactive-Xtreme-Metal-5-Brand-New-Bottles-/182682116256?hash=item2a88b3e0a0:g:7FEAAOSwWxNYqcTL
  8. I did have a reaction one time ,I like to use the Alclad dull coat ,cause it gives that perfect dull look without having to use the rattle can MM dull. I dont remember what it was I applied it over, but it made it sticky.
  9. Ive been using Alclad, but since its not good to apply laquer over enamel..(or is it vice versa) then I saw these and they did appear to be more durable. I appreciate your comment on them , and with your results, think I'll give em a try
  10. lol, are you kidding? tried it and it pushed my patience and temper...and besides... no where was my question about other techniques anyway.
  11. that is a gorgeous photo! My wife mentioned just a few nights ago she'd like to be able and take some photos of the stars... any recommendations on how to do it? she does have a good Nikon , cant remember the model at the moment, but has all the manual settings
  12. Just finished watching the Flory models review of the AK Interactive Xtreme metals paint , and it looks very promising. Ive been using the Alclad II paints myself, but Im wondering if anyones used both and could say which you like better? should I invest in getting the AK paints?
  13. they scratched the kit release and decided just to offer the flowers in 1/32 scale...
  14. I call it evilbay because of the companies 'buyer protection' policies which have become a well known source for thieves to take advantage of. Its getting to easy for buyers to make false claims in order to get the items for free...ripping of the honest sellers...yup..there were some bad sellers for a number of years, now its flipped ,and theres just too many scamming buyers, cause they know the buyer will win the case and get it for free!
  15. yeah, please dont be as bad as the Pacific ..keep the personal crap out of it
  16. I use Corel Draw everyday for making vectors.. and yes, you can turn a bitmap (jpg) into a vector as well using CD ... its rather easy to do. I use CDx5 for work..and also bought x7 student version (which I cant use for work) so..if anyone wants it $20 its yours ,I dont need it cause I went ahead and bought x8 as well. But I have taken many images of WWII nose art and turned them into vectors as well.
  17. If I recall correctly the B25 set Eli put out did have the different nose guns shown for each set..not sure he did this here for the windows etc
  18. Soaring prices on kits is my main reason I havent bought the latest HK B17 ...I can get an RC plane for that price,detail the heck out of it..AND I get to play with it. plus, Im like alot of other folks who just dont have the room to display such large models. unfortunately in the case of the B17...the only good kits available are in 1/72 ;(
  19. any idea when current orders will start shipping? didnt see any kind of handling time on your shipping details
  20. Think this will be my first HPH kit...cause the Tigercat is my 2nd 1st favorite twin...yes, I have 2 1st favorites lol
  21. ah yes, now we can make the inverted finger shot in 1/32 scale
  22. Placed my order ! thankyou... I got this biggen coming in soon,so I needed some good reference to detail it out. https://www.motionrc.com/collections/coming-soon-airplanes/products/freewing-a-10-thunderbolt-ii-super-scale-80mm-edf-jet-pnp
  23. Looks great! never had one of these..curious, did it come with recessed panel lines or did you do that? hate scribing lines, so I usually dont buy kits when they have raised ones.
  24. just curious, was going to place an order for one..the info on the website still says Preorders Shipping by May 8th? so,whats the actual status of these?
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