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Hasegawa Bf-109G-6 finished


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Finished this one tonight, after a VERY long battle that lasted right up to the end.  Three different paint schemes on the same model, a new record for me!  I must say, I am getting quite good at stripping down a kit after nearly finishing it and starting over.  This one started out as red 6 of JG 300, on to black 5 of JG 52, and stripped it again to do white 12 of JG 51.  You can see the WIP thread here


Here she is as red 6:



And as white 5:



And now, white 12:



Final scheme using decals from Eagle Editions, which performed flawlessly.  Their new sheets printed by Cartograph are good, REALLY good.  Colors by Tamiya using custom mixes, weathering with oils.  No AM parts used, save for scratchbuilt seatbelts, 20mm gun barrels from brass tubing, brake lines from fuse wire.  Thanks for looking in!











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That really looks good Frank! Very, very well done! :)


Thank you John!


Ah Frank, that is a flat-out sensational looking model! Brilliant. You've absolutely nailed a realistic sheen to the paint work too - not to mention some fantastic but subtle weathering. May I publish it on the website?




Thank you so much Kev!  I do appreciate the feedback.  And by all means, I would be thrilled to see it on the website! (last name is Daniels)

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Frank...Must say I am dropping a tear for Red6 since its one of my favorite schemes, but u nailed this one. Your modeling skills are exceptional and every time u choose to show us your work its a feast for the eyes, great model!!!




  I thought this one had 'YOU NOT" on the rear control surfaces, or am I thinking of a differenet aircraft?

Also puzzled ...




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JAW DROPPINGLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!  :wow:  :thumbsup:  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:


Having seen you paint this one three times now, I am pleased to say that I like this scheme the best. I absolutely LOVE this model!!!!! The painting, finishing and detailing are superb! And I am soooooo glad you finally finished her!! Bring out the rum!!!  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :clap2:  :clap2:  :party0023:  :thumbsup:  :D


Hehehehehehhehehehe! :thumbsup:

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