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  1. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Thanks Kev! Looks great!
  2. Tango1


    Superb work! I cannot think of a more impressive 1/32 Tomcat. Very well done indeed!
  3. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

  4. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!
  5. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Thank you! You are most kind.
  6. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Thank you very much Mark!
  7. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Many thanks guys! Really appreciate your kind words!
  8. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Thank you Sir! Means a lot coming from you.
  9. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Sorry Kev, I don't have them to hand. I can crop them later if that helps you.
  10. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Thank you very much!
  11. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Thanks! Kev, as always please feel free to do so! And thank you!
  12. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Some more photo's.........
  13. Tango1

    AH-1W Cobra.

    Hello! This is my Italeri/MRC 1/35 AH-1W COBRA. I added some scratched details to the cockpit and crewed it with a D-Toys resin figure in the forward position and my own figure built from spares in the rear position. Other mods included detail painting the instrument panels, drilling out the cannon barrel's , adding wiring, boxes and harness's etc. I also used decals from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics to depict a Whiskey Cobra from HML/A-167 "WARRIORS" USMC. I painted it with Tamiya acrylics and for the weathering I made use of AK Interactive's panel liner washes, with some artists oils. I know this one is not dead accurate, but I wanted to make do with what I had in the toolbox, so to speak! Here are some photo's I wanted to share with you.... Happy Modelling! Darren.
  14. That is one of the best Mustangs I have ever seen. Beautiful paintwork! I wish I could get a NMF like that!
  15. Tango1

    P-51D 1/32 Jasper Joker

    Wow! Thats a beautiful Mustang! Well done!