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Kinetic Hawk RAAF, FINISHED!!!!!!!!

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Was at a bit of a stalemate as to the painting of my dual seat Hunter so I thought I would get in and do the new Hawk from Kinetic.


After close examination of the cockpit, I determined that it was not accurate for an Aussie machine. As the Hawk is the Lead in Fighter for the F/A-18, some of the cockpit is duplicated as far as displays etc.


Here is the kit IP's




I scrubbed the detail off




Grafted on a few bits and pieces, Much better!




here are the intakes, with a bit of a seam to hide




The kit seat, which I will persist with to see if I can make it look good




The kit sidewinders will be replaced with the darker grey ones from another kit.





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Good to see you make a start on this one mate. Any plans for an E-Resin Aussie Hawk cockpit set? :whistle:



Hi Kev, I probably should do one, will see what happens.


I picked up one of these the other day and am impressed with the pictures it is taking but am still learning, so any tips as I get used to it would be appreciated. Sony-A57.jpg


Anyway, more work on the front pit. As per my F-117 build, some parts from the Academy F/A-18 can be used to give this kit an instant boost. I cut off the joystick grip and replaced it with the Academy version. I was sorta hoping I could get away with a quick build on this bird, but as it turns out I always have a bit of fun adding a few bits and pieces here and there.




I have added a few more parts to the front instrument panel. It has ended up being a little wider as a result so the coaming has had to be thinned to fit.




A mock up:



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Guest Peterpools


Great start on the front office and the new IP. I'm assuming the new parts for the IP were borrowed from Academy F-18 and with your touch, worked perfectly. Front office mock up shos how well everything fits.

If you have any questions on using the camera, I would be glade to help. I'm a Nikon shooter but for the most part, the techniques and procedures are the same.

Enjoy the Sony ...

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Some more work on the pit.


I spent a couple of hours masking up the panels of the side consoles




Painted them Gunze Tire Black




The kit throttles are really bad, they look like the handgrip of the joysticks so I just had to replace them. I cast some copies of the modified Academy Throttles and the cut and spliced sticks that I made in my last post.






The base of the kit throttle quadrant was just not doing it for me so I cut it off (I only realized after I had painted the consoles)




I got the Waldron Punch and die set out and punched some plastic card into disks




Cut them up into appropriate sizes




Looks much better




While I had the punch and Die set out I made up a gear lever




A quick test fit



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Guest Peterpools


Nice work on the front office and the new throttle looks spot on.

Keep 'em coming


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Nice going ! Great little fiddly bits...........Harv :popcorn:

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