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Kinetic Hawk RAAF, FINISHED!!!!!!!!

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Here is the master for my inner pylons, I had a bit of a look around on the net and couldn't find anything suitable to hang off the wings pylon wise, so I will add this to the list of things that I will bring out for this kit. A little bit of refinement still needed but reasonably happy a the result.






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Guest Peterpools


Just some fantastic work .. outstanding

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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The next part to tackle was the canopy. Kinetic have done a reasonable job depicting the Canopy detonation cord using raised lines, but in some places it was poorly formed and was very faint. I did a bit of research and found the Matterhorn Circle do some vinyl det. cords. I emailed them and got a set sent out (Thanks Robert)

Now before I begin this update, These masks are designed to fit the Revell Hawk, and also come with a set of decals for a Swiss aircraft. They are reasonably expensive as a result, and extremely hard to apply. The instructions do state that `they are extremely fine and difficult to handle, they are for the brave and require lots of patience' .... definately agree!!!!

There are no second chances when placing this stuff (just my type of modelling!), once it is on it wont be able to be fixed unless you tear it of and start again with the spare... stuff the spare up and then its back to square one. The procedure calls for lifting it off the backing sheet with Tamiya tape and then placing it on the canopy.

To start, here is the Canopy before I begun:


Midway through sanding with 800, 1500 then 2000 grit sandpaper to remove the raised detail on the inside of the canopy


I polished the canopy with the dremel to a good result


Remove all of the vinyl around the cord.


As the set is designed for the Revell kit, I had to cut the rear cord in a few places to shorten it, which added to the difficulty considerably. I using a length of Taniya tape on the outside of the canopy as a guide.


Rear canopy done


Front WIP


Both done, very happy with the result.



Edited by ericg

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Hi Erik-


Super work on the canopy det cord install!


I've got the Matterhorn Circle decals as well- I bought them for the beautiful Swiss markings AND the det cord. Can you explain to me a little more about how you applied the det cord? There are some helpful hints included with the decals for applying the cord, but English was obviously not the authors primary language, so to me they aren't entirely clear. Did you wet the canopy first? Would love to know how you got such a nice result with such a fiddly piece of work-




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HI Pete,


I used Tamiya tape to lift the cord from the backing film once you remove the excess. Line it up where you want it, take a deep breath and apply it to the canopy. the Tamiya tape will ift off easily as it is alot less sticky than the det cord. You cant really afford to mess it up as it will only come off by damaging the cord and you will be onto the spare.


I didn't wet the canopy. In terms of difficulty, on a scale of 1-10, this process is 11! A bit of confidence in what you are doing, patience and a very steady hand will get you through no worries though.


As I mentioned before, this set is not designed for the Kinetic kit though, so I had to cut each one in multiple places to get it to fit.



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Here is the result of a few days of work, the `test shot' so to speak of the Inner pylon, CBLS-200 and the BDU-33's all together for the first time as I intend them to sit on the model.


Everything that you see here is resin, being the pre-production units of each. I have brass pinned the CBLS to the pylon.










Here is the whole lot sitting on the wing, looks really good.






I am waiting on the final details of the outer pylon and I will pump those out as well.

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Guest Peterpools


You're so right that the canopy work is for those with nerves of steel. I tip my hat to a job so more then well done.

Terrific progress on the resin scratch built/cast parts. They look absolutely perfect.

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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Another update:

I have primed the Hawk:


I also primed the Mirage and could help pose it with its new friend:


The kit is missing quite a few panels that I felt should be scribed, especially the ones behind the wheel well,

Some rough marking out:




I added the small pipe just above the jet exhaust to give the rear of the aircraft some life:


here is the outer pylon WIP:


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