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Kanonenvogel Stuka--Finished!


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After posting several completed models on this site I've decided to take the plunge with a build log of the Hasegawa 1/32 Stuka cannon bird. You are probably thinking: “great, another Rudel aircraft!†Not so fast—there were over 100 of the G version produced, and I wanted to do something different. I particularly wanted to do one that showed some leg—in other words, missing the spats!

Here's what I hunted and gathered:

Eduard interior photoetch
MasterCasters main landing gear struts (without spats)
Quickboost propeller blades
Quickboost exhaust
Voyager spinner
Voyager 37mm cannons

This will indeed be a Franken-Stuka!

Cheers, Tom

What I've done so far:
Ouch! Have to readjust that buckle.

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Thanks very much! I've had this kit for years and it's about time I blew off the dust from the kit. No kidding: parts of the wing and fuselage are a little warped from too much Arizona heat!





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Thanks--I appreciate it! To get this far:

1) Assembled, wired, and painted the walls and floor separately with Tamiya XF-24 or XF-63;

2) Seat cushion made from Milliput and painted with oils

2) Brushpainted Future over all surfaces preparatory to an oil wash;

3) Oil wash, mix of black, burnt sienna, burnt umber;

4) Drybrush with oils (black and white mix).

5) The knobs are two dimensional from Eduard, but a blob of superglue will sort that out.


I really like painting with oils because of the rich colors, and they are great for touch-ups since they do a great job of blending.





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Thanks every one--your comments and input are much appreciated. More progress today. I cut the rudder from the fuselage halves, and the part that sticks out of the rudder:


I also sanded the inside of the rear fuselage adjacent to the removed rudder and glued the fuselage halves together:


I cut away the rudder overhang from rudder all the way back to a panel line, so I can add a scratch replacement, and sanded back the instrument panel detail.


Here you can see the rudder attached, and the added styrene.





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I made some more progress over the Thanksgiving break, assembling the instrument panel, adding some items to the fuselage, and assembling the wings. I modified the wing walkways to the G1 configuration; I need the shorter wingspan for my display cabinet! The wings had some gaps where the dihedral starts, one wing more than another for some reason, but the wing to fuselage fit was fantastic.









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