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  1. Hi folks!!!! Quick update as the lil roadster is finally on the road. Here is a video of one of the grandsons getting his first ride in it this weekend. Hope all is well with everyone in LSP Land
  2. I personally love the Revellstangs!! http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=39362&page=1#
  3. I just am crazy about this photo. I really dig the contrast between all the polished bare aluminum and the silver painted wings. Though probably not indicative of a wartime bird's finish, I still believe the contrast really makes a statement of how the BMF Mustangs​ must have looked.
  4. PS, my photo of the spit polished Mustang was not shown for accuracy but for that contrast that I spoke to and have grown very fond of.
  5. Guys, though I am not claiming the accuracy of it, but I am very very please to have noticed a trend in the restored Mustangs, as of late, that they seem to be puttying the wings and painting them a gorgeous shade of silver. The contrast to the bare aluminum is just amazing and to me says it all. This argument in modeling accuracy transcends just panel lines.....I for one after doing all my research have developed an affinity for seeing Mustangs (whether in modeling or 1:1) in wartime livery with a nice aluminum finish for all the surfaces that should be natural aluminum and a nice contrasting silver paint color for the areas that should be the aluminum paste color. What really sticks out to me is seeing a wartime Mustang build that is all painted the same shade/sheen of silver or aluminum....It has become quite the pet peeve to me, almost to the point of ruining the build to my eye. This is just a personal preference of course, and all should ultimately build how they want. Just my .02c To me its all about the contrast....its so very utilitarian and theres just something about that.
  6. Still plugging away folks on what really feels like a giant 1:1 model. Body is painted that crazy yellow and has been lowered into place. Chipping away... Happy Holidays to one and all!!! The engine is a 305 Chevy small block with stock heads, 4 barrel carburetor and Lunati cam. But I have a vintage 283 to eventually go in it.
  7. Still alive and kicking...no modeling as of late due to work on the roadster and the acquisition of a kool little old boat. But here I am.
  8. Hey there yall!!! Boy have I missed this place and all who reside. Still thrashing away at the hot rod roadster project, so no modeling....and man do I miss it. Still peek in on occasion and have joined the FB sect and enjoy the Airfix Modeling Club page there. Anyhoo....miss yall and hope all is well with everyone.... MODEL ON!!! Here is the progress on the roadster....painted and assembled chassis and doing the paint prep work on the body. The yellow on the frame is going to be the color of the body....its a crazy amazing color! Take care everyone!!!!
  9. RIGHT AS RAIN.....WOW, That looks amazing!!!!!
  10. Guys, he needs both sides of the engine block (4 & 5), the oil pan (6), left and right ignition mags and wires (15 & 16) and the upper intake part of the block (26). I dont have any extras, but I sent him here in hopes somebody could help.....and so he could share in the greatness that is Kevin's site. Heywire, if you want to be truly in Mustang heaven, check out our good buddy Ironwing's postings.....
  11. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/World-War-II-Era-P-51-Mustang-Makes-Belly-Landing-at-Dallas-Executive-Airport-367529111.html
  12. Mine.... All the difference in the world....thanks for the recipe...sound like a lot of effort, but sure looks worth it.
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